Veo Camera Travel Router Wi-Fi Bridge

If you’re playing in an away tournament or road game and trying to upload Veo camera games from your hotel or the field then you’ll want to try out this Travel Router/Wi-Fi Bridge from TP-Link.



If you travel to play in a game or tournament and are staying in a hotel you may run into issues uploading the games from your Veo camera.

The Veo 1 camera requires you to have an ethernet or LAN cord in order to upload. That can be tricky in a hotel if your room doesn’t have an ethernet port or if you’re not able to connect to the internet in your room or at the business center.

That is where this Wi-Fi bridge can help you out. We made a video that shows you how to use this for uploading games from your hotel:


Some teams have been able to use their Windows 10 laptop to create a bridge to upload but this is a more universal gadget. You’ll need to use this Wi-Fi bridge along with a hotspot, either on your phone or a separate device, in order to download.

The one that we use in the video is called the “TP-Link AC750 Wireless Travel Router“. There is a cheaper version called the “TP-Link N300 Single-Band” but we haven’t tried that one so don’t know how well it works.


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