Veo Camera Tripod Travel Case 23 ft

This Veo camera tripod case has a handle and wheels for pulling your Manfrotto tripod around the airport and soccer complex. The plastic shell protects your tripod when you check it on the airplane. You slide your tripod into the wheeled bottom section then place the top section with the pull handle over your tripod and secure the case with a TSA approved locking pin.



We’ve used this SportTube case to transport the Manfrotto tripod on flights in the United States and also on international flights. If you need to bring along a tall tripod and you have to fly to your destination then this Veo camera tripod case helps get it there safely.

The wheels are nice so you can roll it through the airport terminal and the pull handle makes it even easier.  The nice thing about the 23 ft Manfrotto tripod is that you can get up high to record the action. The tricky thing about the tripod is transporting it to and from the field or travelling across the state, country, or international borders.

The tripod isn’t light to carry and it’s also bulkier than the 12 ft tripod or lighter plastic tripods. However, you need the sturdy steel tripod if you want to get your camera over 20 ft to record your game.  This travel case from SportTube makes getting your Manfrotto tripod around easier. You can also use it for the smaller 12 ft Manfrotto tripod, the case has straps on the inside to help secure the contents so they’re not banging around during travel. If you only have the 12 ft tripod then you don’t need this travel case, there’s a smaller version you can use.

Some teams use this case to take the tripod to the field and back every weekend. We mostly use it when we travel and fly with the tripod but you can certainly just store your tripod in the case in the garage/basement when you’re not using it and roll it out on the weekend for games.

Here’s a video that shows you the case, jump ahead to the 1 minute mark to see the travel case in use.


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