Why do we train?

Your coach doesn’t care whether you use Beast Mode, Techne, Dribble Up, or any of the other training tools available. What they notice is when your touch gets better and you play more confidently. There are many reasons why you put in the extra work- to be better on the ball, to win more 1v1 battles, to make the first team, to get more playing time, to just feel more confident on the field.  Why you train is probably somewhat similar and also somewhat different than every other player but the most important thing is that you’re doing the work and enjoying it.  Here are some players who have been using Dribble Up to train.

Utah Soccer Alliance

Alex trained over the summer with the Dribble Up smart soccer ball. Using the smart ball app he joined our virtual team to get daily drills and compete with other players around the country. Every day players watched World Cup matches and then worked on their foot skills in their living room, back yard, or nearby park.  Come join Alex and other player serious about improving their foot skills. It’s free and easy to join our virtual team, the Soccer Stripes Squad.


LA Galaxy South Bay

With so many talented players in Southern California playing on a good team is a competitive environment. This player at the LA Galaxy South Bay club is on the Gold squad and working to move up to the Elite squad. Coming from the Midwest where it can be below zero in the winter we’re a little jealous of this warm December training session with a palm tree in the background!

KC Scott Ghallager

Referred to by some as the “soccer capital of the U.S.” Kansas City has it’s fair share of professional, semi-pro, college, and youth soccer programs. The top divisions of the Heartland soccer league are pretty competitive so players on those teams have to put in the work to stay sharp and keep their spot on their team.  Here’s some footwork training at the team practice over the winter.

Goal Setters

Eight year old McKenna knew she wanted to train with the Dribble Up as soon as she saw the ball online.  She plays on a travel team with older girls and knew she needed to work on her foot skills to give them a run for their money. She saved up her money to buy a smart ball and started training with it over the winter.