We have confirmed the ownership and status of all cameras listed here. We have reviewed the most recent footage shot with each camera. You can use the contact form on each listing to get in touch with the owner to ask questions or arrange the sale. We are happy to help facilitate the sale if you have additional questions.
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  We asked some of the teams that bought/sold cameras using our service to share their experiences and here is their feedback:  
“We are all settled up and used it last night, with the team reviewing the footage tonight. It was a great experience working with you! You helped me to save my team a few hundred dollars for the Veo which appeared brand new and was in perfect condition!! Thank for all of your help!”
Tracie, Tennesse  
“The transfer to the new owner worked out great and to my knowledge she is happy.”
Alan, New York   We’d love to add your testimonial to the page. If you’d like to list your camera for sale you can submit it here – sell your Veo camera. We are not owners of the cameras listed here. Previous to this service we would get emails from teams wanting to buy and teams wanting to sell Veo cameras and we would manually connect them. This service was created to make it faster and easier for teams to buy and sell used cameras. We are happy to facilitate the sale of a camera but are not the teams sending you the camera.  We have documented the best practices for buying & selling a used Veo in our “Veo Transfer Guide” which we recommend you follow when buying a camera from another team.