The Veo camera will be used by teams around the country as part of our soccer highlight video tour this year. Below are some of the cities our cameras have visited and teams they’ve recorded, click on the city to see details and sample highlights.

If you need to record your games and would like to rent a Veo camera on the tour you can give us a call – 816-398-8846 or request one here .

Veo Camera Tour Recent Stops

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In clarification on the recent announcement of the tour – we are waiving the security deposit however, the rental fee is still in place for teams that need a camera for a weekend. Thanks to all the teams that reached out to clarify and we apologize for any confusion our announcement caused. Please give us a call if you have questions – 816-398-8846 . You can use the form below to let us know when you need a camera.


Camera Tour FAQ

Can I get a camera in my town?

Yes, we can get you a camera if you’re in the continental U.S.


How fast can I get a camera?

As quickly as you need it. To insure you have one in time we recommend booking a week in advance.


How do I access the game film?

We create you an account and you login online to see, create, download games and clips.


How many games can I record?

As many as you need.


Do I need a tripod?

Yes. If you don’t have a tripod that reaches 12 feet we recommend this one – Impact Heavy Duty Stand.


Do I need a camera plan through Veo?

No. You use ours on the Tour.


How long can I see the games?

You can access the games online to watch and download for 12 months.


What if I get stuck?

Give us a call. Every team on the tour also gets a free copy of our Veo Rookie Guide.


How many cameras can I get?

As many as we have in stock at the time.


How long can I keep the camera?

Typically teams rent a camera for a weekend or a week but if you need one for longer let us know.


Do I have to give the camera back?

Only if you want your security deposit back : )  We take a deposit to make sure our cameras eventually make their way home from the tour.


What if a game or tournament is cancelled?

If your games are cancelled for reasons out of your control (weather, covid, etc) we just refund your money. This has happened quite a bit in 2020 thanks to corona virus. If the cameras are available and you have games the following weekend you can hold onto them and record different games. If no cameras are available we refund your money or if you want to use them at a later date we just reschedule.


What if I want my own?

If you like the camera after using one we can help you get a discount on your own.


How do I know you’ll send me one?

Check out our testimonials from other past teams on the tour. You can see a map of all the towns our cameras have recorded in farther down the page.



Camera Tour Testimonials

Here are some of the experiences of teams that have used our “robot cameras” to video their games.

Working with Ben from Easy Soccer Video was great. He walked me through all the steps needed to get the VEO camera up and running. The process was easy from ordering the camera to returning it. I probably bothered him more than needed but he was pretty responsive to my text and ensured we were able to record our games for a tournament we had in Dallas. “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

-Brandon – The ACDMY 12B


Our experience renting the Veo cam from Easy Soccer Video could not have been better. The instructions were super simple, the shipping was 100% easy and the Veo camera itself is amazing. Highly recommended!

-Alex Stevens, Augusta United Soccer Club, Virginia


If you’re thinking of renting a Veo camera, I would absolutely give Easy Soccer Video a call. The entire process was easy and the camera footage turned out great.

Ben was extremely helpful with our camera rental. He setup our account and walked us through the entire process. We were very satisfied with the entire experience. If you are looking for the best game or practice footage, give Ben a call.

-Kris Martinez, Eastside FC G07 ECNL


Our camera rental from Ben at Easy Soccer Video was really helpful for trying out the camera. It was great to record some games and see how it worked. Ben was great to work with and we liked the camera enough we ended up ordering one of our own!

It was exactly that! I just received my Veo camera yesterday.

Thank you so much!

-Duc LaiCaNa, Fountain Valley High School


Ben at Easy Soccer Video was very helpful with the VEO camera rental. Our team wanted to check out the camera before we committed to the purchase. The camera arrived on time and was as expected. The camera worked flawlessly. Ben was easy to reach to answer questions. This service is highly recommended.

-Jason Daley, Eagle Express Girls



Veo Camera Tour Calendar

Here’s a full list of the camera tour stops so far this year:

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Camera Tour Map

Teams around the U.S. have used our Veo cameras to record their matches. Some use them for highlight videos, some for recruiting videos, and others for footage for the coach and players to learn from.


Reserve Your Camera

If you have questions give us a call, 816-398-8846, or send us an email Know your dates already then you can request one here .


Already have a camera? Check out our Veo Rookie or Veo Freelance Guides to help with your recordings.