Veo Camera Soccer Video Rental

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Imagine having your soccer game video, training sessions, and soccer video highlights all in one place to easily review, comment, and share. Now with our Veo camera rental option you can see for yourself why we’ve used the camera to record 80+ soccer games and training sessions to date.

New for 2020 now you can use one of our Veo soccer cameras for your soccer player or team.

Soccer Videos for You:

1) You book the days you need in the calendar below
2) We deliver the camera to you
3) You record your games/training sessions
* Before shipping we collect a security deposit that’s refunded upon return


We’ll come to your game and record it for you but that doesn’t help teams that aren’t local. So we added this new option for soccer teams or families anywhere in the United States.

Questions about your team video? Happy to chat on the phone (816-305-7589) or via email ( We also have additional information below in our soccer highlight video frequently asked questions.

If you’re not ready to book a camera yet but want to check on dates or get more details you can tell us what you need in the form in the Description section.

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If you aren’t ready to book a camera yet but want to inquire about details or availability we can put you on the list if you share your info below:



To give you the flexibility of how long you need the camera we charge a daily rate. Select the days you need the camera and the site will calculate the cost in your cart. If we’re shipping you the camera the shipping days to/from are at no cost. Before shipping we’ll send you a link for making a security deposit on the camera that’s refunded once the camera is returned.


If you’re local to the Kansas City area you can select Local Pickup and we’ll get the camera to you. If we’re shipping the camera to you then the shipping costs will be calculated when you checkout.

Video Access:

Once you order the camera we setup your team in the camera portal and you’ll get an email invite to create a login. Using that login you can view the footage once it’s uploaded. You can download the recording, comment on the video, and create clips from the video.

Rental Includes:

  • Veo soccer camera
  • Camera carrying case
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Power Cord
  • Tripod Adapter

The pricing does not include a tripod. Here are your options:

Tripod Options:

1) Bring Your Own Tripod

If you already have a tripod use the included adapter so you can mount the camera on your tripod.

2) Elevated Tripod

The cost of shipping the hefty Manfrotto tripod that comes with the Veo camera makes it better to purchase your own then rent one from us. If you order through Amazon Prime the shipping is free and the tripod will cost you less than it would cost to ship one to you. Here is the one that several other teams who have previously rented the camera have ordered and had success with:

13 ft – $53 – Impact Heavy Duty Light Stand

What you’ll notice is that with the Veo you can use a light stand rather than a camera tripod. The Veo camera weighs less than 3 pounds and you don’t need to tilt or pan so a light stand can give you the elevation you need without the price of a camera tripod.

Security Deposit:

Before we send you the camera we’ll send you a link where you can leave a security deposit.  Once the camera is returned we’ll refund your deposit.

Camera Rental FAQ

Soccer Video Locations

Teams and clubs in the continental U.S. can rent the camera. Here are some of the places in the U.S. our cameras have recorded:


Soccer Video Games

Regardless of whether your team plays 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, or 11v11 you can use the camera to record your match. You can record both indoor and outdoor soccer games, as well as futsal games. You can see examples of the soccer video highlight clips from different formats.

Recording training sessions can be just as useful for coaches as games, you can use the camera to film as many training sessions and scrimmages as you need while you have it.

Soccer Video Availability

Use the calendar above to find days the camera is available. For local matches you’ll need to schedule with a minimum of 1 day notice prior to the match so we can get you a camera. If we’re shipping the camera you’ll need to allow 1-3 business days for shipping depending on your location. You can also cancel a booking if you change your mind but we ask that you let us know at least 1 day prior to the game.

If there are days you need a game recorded that show as unavailable on the calendar you can contact us for more information at or give us a call at 816-398-8846.

Soccer Video Discounts

If you’re interested renting the camera for more than a week we can offer discounted rates, contact us for details.

Soccer Camera

If you’re interested in getting the soccer camera we use for your team or club you can reserve one here.

Soccer Video Content

The Veo camera automatically follows the ball during play. It doesn’t zoom in on individual players but gives a view that’s useful for tactical analysis. Below are examples of some game footage that was captured with our camera.

The camera has two 4K lenses. Each captures play on one half of the field. Based on the layout of the field and the location of the sun during filming, if we are filming into the sun during the match the shading of the film will be a little different depending on the half the ball is in. You can see an example of this in the videos below.

Here’s a look at how the tool lets you watch back the game from different perspectives:

Soccer Game Review

Once your game video is available in the tool you’ll receive an email about how to login and review the footage.

Soccer Game Highlights

After you login you’ll see that the software automatically tags any goals scored. You can easily download those highlights but it also lets you create your own clips for parts of the game you want to highlight.

Here’s a look at how the tool lets you create highlights and download your clips.


Any more questions about recordings for your team? Happy to chat on the phone (816-305-7589) or via email (

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