The Veo camera can be used to record soccer games of various formats. Below are examples of soccer game film for 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11 matches all recorded with the veo video camera. Some of these are soccer video highlights and some are the full game footage. We’ve added an opening screen to most of them that shows the names of the teams playing and the league or tournament game that they’re competing in. The footage that you see in the Veo app after recording a soccer game doesn’t have a title screen but it does automatically tag the goals scored so you can easily view those. For these game highlights we downloaded the goal clips and published them on YouTube or Vimeo to share.

Veo Camera 4v4 Soccer Game

For this game we setup the tripod on the sideline but barely elevated the camera itself. We raised it just enough so that parents walking up and down the sideline wouldn’t cross in front of the view of the camera. With a smaller field you don’t need to be up as high to record the game. Some of the parents on the other team were a little surprised to see us using a camera to record such young kids. We explained that we mainly bought the Veo camera for the older ages but it works fine for smaller fields and our youngest kid didn’t want to miss out on her team having their goals and moves recorded. One of the fun things about using the Veo camera for a 4v4 game is that there are lots of goals scored and the camera software tags them all so you have a lot of clips for a highlight video.


Veo Camera 7v7 Soccer Game Highlights

In our Veo camera review we mentioned that the first 11v11 game recorded with our camera was done by a team parent on an away friendly tournament. The night before they left their younger son had a game at a local complex and they already had the camera in the car so they set it up and captured a high scoring game. That actually makes this the very first soccer game filmed with our Veo camera. The next day we downloaded the goal clips and made this highlight video in about 5 minutes. We actually used Microsoft Movie Maker to create this video but have since moved on to using WeVideo for soccer highlight videos.


Veo Camera 9v9 Soccer Game Highlights

This is a highlight video of a pool play game in the Challenger Sports Invitational tournament. It was quite a battle and the final 2-0 scoreline really could have gone either way.  Both teams played really well with some big saves by the goalie.  That’s one thing we wish the Veo AI could do is recognize saves. It automatically tags each goal that’s scored but we had to tag the goalie save highlights ourselves. It was a big part of the game so we took the time to do it, would be nice if the software could highlight saves for us in the future.


Veo Camera 9v9 Full Soccer Game

We included this clip because it’s actually a full game, not just a highlight. You can see from the footage that the game was played in pouring rain. Another nice thing about the Veo camera is that it’s waterproof, you can record in the rain. The one downside is that water droplets that sit on the outside of the lens can obscure the picture. So we put the camera on the tripod without raising it and held an umbrella over the camera to keep the drops off the lens. It still got really wet but wasn’t an issue for the camera.

Something else to note about this video is that partway through the game the rain stopped so we put away the umbrella and raised the camera up to it’s full height on the tripod while it was recording. You don’t need to stop or pause the video when you raise or lower the camera during a game.


Veo Camera 11v11 Soccer Game Highlights

These are the goals scored in an 11v11 game in league play. In this highlight video we experimented with adding a slide between each goal that reminds the viewer of the game score. In the Veo app on the web you can leave comments on the video to allow you to make coaching points to players. For this game I also experimented with using screen capture software as I watched the game back in the Veo web app which let me point out things on the screen and leave audio comments on the play. You can see the video coaching points that I made as I played the game back in the Veo interface.


Veo Camera 11v11 Full Soccer Game

Here is a soccer game video example of the majority of an 11v11 game also in the Challenger Sports Invitational tournament. In this footage you can see how it’s not dark out when the game starts but by the end of the match night has fallen. One of the questions we get about the Veo camera is how it performs at night under the lights so here’s an example of filming at night with Veo.


Hopefully these examples of filming soccer games of different formats with the Veo camera are helpful. If you have more questions about how we use the camera or how you can best use one for your team or club you can email us or give us a call at 816-398-8846 .

We’ve also been working on an unofficial “Veo Users Field Guide”. We’re capturing all the lessons learned, tricks, and tips we’ve picked up to help record quality soccer video with the camera. If you’re interested we can send you a copy, just enter your email address below