“Is the Veo camera worth the money, I just want to find the best soccer camera?” – asked the soccer dad on the phone. My question back to him was “if you knew your kid was going to score 22 goals this season and you could record all their soccer games without manning a camera, would that be worth it to you”?

I went on to share about all the club soccer teammates we play against during the high school soccer season. In a close fought re-match, a dad from the other team texted me before the game that he’d miss the match due to work and wanted to know if he could have a copy of the recording. Instead, I sent him a livestream link when the game started so he could watch it during his work event that evening. He definitely thought the camera was worth the money – especially since he didn’t have to pay for it : )

With grandparents, aunts, & uncles in other states who want to watch the season unfold over livestream, was a soccer camera worth it to them? Now grandparents aren’t the best with technology but with a little help getting setup they can watch their grandkid scoring goals (or saving goals) without driving across the state or having to brave the rain or cold.

Not worth the Money?

Of course you could also talk about a season where the team loses all their games and doesn’t score many goals. Or maybe you spend the money on a camera and your player gets injured or turns up ineligible. There’s another version of the story where you don’t sandbag your camera and it blows over in the wind and is broken for a few weeks during playoffs. Or you have technical problems and have to send it in for repair and you miss third of the season. In hindsight maybe it wasn’t worth it for that soccer family but before the opening whistle blows its hard to know what kind of season it will be.

Recording Soccer for Your Player

That’s why it comes down to what you’re hoping to get out of the footage you record and how you’re planning on paying for it, which is why I spend so many hours on the phone talking to families and teams across the country who want to know, “what if this”, or “what if that”, or “what about…”.

Everyone situation is a little different so it really helps to just talk it out.  I’m guessing all those hundreds of families that I’ve gotten to know are probably why Veo asked me to co-host a webinar next week during their webinar week. The funny thing is I recorded a video for you guys about the webinar that reminded me why video can be tricky. You can see below that I took a LOT of takes to get a decent finished 20 second video. That’s the reality of sports video – it takes trial and error and you have to record a lot of games to get a good highlight reel. The video doesn’t always go right and you might miss some things but if you find a good camera and learn how to use it you can capture some pretty spectacular moments in the game.

Soccer Camera Rental

You can call me and ask questions about the Veo camera or the other smart soccer cameras on the market but when it comes down to making a decision sometimes teams just want to get their hands on a sports camera. If you want a soccer camera demo or to test out smart soccer cameras you’d probably be interested in our camera on demand program.

Whether its for a soccer tournament or a soccer season you can try a ball tracking camera and see if it’s worth the money for your team. I talk to a lot of teams who call looking for a local camera rental option and we either send you an ai soccer camera rental or connect you with a team in your city. In some cases they might be willing to let you borrow a Veo camera, come record some games for you, or rent out their camera for a weekend.

Every team has different needs so it can be helpful to test out a sports camera and see if it records high enough quality video, captures the game for review, livestreams from your field, has enough battery and space to record your tournament, is simple to setup/run for parents, or whatever your specific requirements are for your school, team, or club. It can be a little tricky because even if a camera is worth it to your family it might not be a priority for the coach of the team or to other families on your team. We can talk to you about ways other soccer parents around the country have handled that situation. In fact, you might be interested in getting your own and making it available to other teams and sports families in your town. If you’d like a camera let me know – 816-398-8846 or shoot me an email ben@EasySportsVideo.com

Renting Out Your Soccer Camera

Over the last three years I’ve talked to enough soccer parent and coaches that want to know how we run our camera rental operations and how we do our camera recording services that I finally took the time to document how it all works.  I was spending a lot of time replying to emails and on the phone helping people so my wife finally convinced me to make videos explaining the details so I could spend more time with her : )  She isn’t crazy about the name but for now I decided to call it “Winning the Recording Game – How to Record Sports for Fun and Profit”.

If you would be interested in making your camera available to teams in your city just send me an email to ben@EasySportsVideo.com or to make it easier you can just request the info below:

So coming back to the question of whether the Veo camera is worth the money it really depends on your team and your sports family. If you want to hear more about it you can listen to our conversation and learn from my mistakes in the upcoming webinar with Veo here.