Recording soccer games to help develop players is the name of the game for a few coaches we’ve met this year. We’ll introduce you to some of them by starting with a question.

What if this was the last season your team could play together?

High School Soccer for Middle School Grads

We’re working with a team in Kansas that has a really good middle school soccer program but unfortunately they don’t have a high school program to move into so next Fall those kids won’t have anywhere to play during high school season.

Imagine you had a town of players that was going to suddenly lose the chance to play next season, what would you do?

Our first coach has been busy trying to organize a high school program for next year. He rented a Veo camera for Fall season of middle school and we put together highlight videos from the clips to illustrate the growth of the team he could use at the school board meeting last week.

Today the school board votes whether to approve a high school soccer program or not, fingers crossed these rising 8th grade kids will have a place to play next Fall!

If it doesn’t pass their only option would be to join a league in the states North of them that play club soccer for high school age in the fall. However the vote goes I get the feeling it won’t be the last we hear from those players and this coach.

Soccer Coach with Vision

Helping soccer coaches & teams like these are one of the reasons I really love running Easy Sports Video.

Most of the people that we talk to you have a little bit of a different story and very specific reason for needing their games recorded. A lot of credit to the parents and coaches that make this happen.

Our second coach trains players in Georgia.  I first talked to him last summer and he knew he had talented players and really wanted to help them improve. The team parents hadn’t really bought into the cost of recording so he wasn’t able to make it happen two summers ago.

However, his persistence paid off and this summer while I was travelling we connected again. Working through his team manager we figured out how to best help the players and managed to get them a camera before the fall season began.

He spent a lot of time going through analytics and doing film review and using it to help the players. Many of the teams we help have parents with kids on the team so they obviously have a vested interest in getting footage for their player. This coach didn’t have a kid on the team, he just saw a lot of potential in the boys and wanted to help them succeed. You could tell he really cared about the development of the players and it showed, his team ended up having a great season and losing in the final game.


Coaches Following their Own Advice

We often encourage players to try new things on the field and explain it’s good to be uncomfortable because they learn from those experiences. Credit to coaches who aren’t comfortable with technology yet take their own advice.

I often joke that I can predict the email of coaches who call me up. Chances are it could be yahoo, hotmail, excite, or aol.. meaning that many of the coaches and parents we talk with are over 25 years old. Some or many aren’t the most comfortable with technology but their player’s development is important enough to them that they take the time to do the research, to experiment, and learn.

So to all the soccer parents and coaches following their own advice and stretching their boundaries, congrats! We know from experience that  soccer video expert isn’t at the top of your to-do list. We’ll work with you to get past your concerns and figure out how to get the most out of the technology. Send us an email,, give us a call , 816-398-8846, schedule a time to talk, or check out our record now page for how we can help your team.