Soccer Game Video

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Need a soccer game video for tactical analysis or highlight clips? Pick the time & field below. We’ll be there to capture the game and you’ll have a link to the video of the match within 24 hours.

Questions about your team video? Happy to chat on the phone (816-305-7589) or via email ( We also have additional information below in our soccer highlight video frequently asked questions.

You can learn more about why we offer this service for your team and the technology we use on our soccer video highlights page.

If you’re a busy coach who wants an easier way to share video clips of games with players we also offer a soccer highlights video package for coaches in addition to a team video package that lets you share clips with the entire team and offer coaching feedback to individual players.



Good soccer game video isn’t easy to capture but it can be very useful as a teaching tool, for soccer highlight videos, or for soccer recruiting videos. As a parent or coach who’s been to many soccer games you’ve probably wished many times you could have captured a specific moment in a game.

Whether it’s to go back and celebrate the player using what they learned in training, to show a player how they could have handled a situation differently, to save for a recruiting video, or simply to remember a glorious goal or save – getting a good game film isn’t easy.

We know that recording, reviewing, and sharing soccer film is time consuming and can be a challenge if the video itself doesn’t turn out how you needed it. Finding the time to do it yourself or the money to pay a soccer videographer is always a hurdle. So as soccer parents and coaches ourselves when we found a solution that makes the whole process so much easier and faster we knew you would be excited to hear about it.

Now we’re making this solution available to your player or team in 2 easy steps:

  1. Book the date, time, location of your game below.
  2. Receive a link to game video within 24 hours.


Our Satisfaction Guarantee – if the game video is not useful for your player or team we’ll refund your money.

Soccer Video FAQ

Soccer Video Locations

The booking page has all the Heartland soccer league fields listed so you can select which field your team will be playing on when you schedule a game video. We are also available to record National League, ECNL, High School, or other games played in the Kansas City metro region. For a field that’s not listed simply select “Non Heartland League” and we’ll coordinate the field location with you once you schedule the soccer video service.

Soccer Video Games

Regardless of whether your team plays 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, or 11v11 we can come and record your match. We can record both indoor and outdoor soccer games, as well as futsal games. During the winter season we’ll add the Heartland futsal field locations into the field list as well.

Recording training sessions can be just as useful for coaches as games so we are available to film training sessions and scrimmages as well as games.

Soccer Video Availability

If the calendar on the booking page shows a day and time as open then we are available to record your game at that time. In order to plan ahead for your game you’ll need to schedule with a minimum of 1 day notice prior to the match. You can also cancel a booking if you change your mind but we ask that you let us know at least 1 day prior to the game.

If there are times you need a game recorded that show as unavailable on the calendar you can contact us for more information.

Soccer Video Highlights

Once the game film is ready you will be emailed a link where you can download the full game video in mp4 format. On request we can also send you a soccer highlight video of all the goals in the match.

If you’re looking to make a soccer highlight video for a specific player on the team that’s a more involved process. We can work with you to provide clips of your player, or multiple players, from that game for a soccer highlight reel but there will be additional charges required for the soccer highlight video package.

Soccer Video Packages

If you’re interested in multiple games we do offer discounted rates for multiple games. If you would like to just try one game to see how it goes and later book more we can still offer the discounted rate on follow up games if you decide to book them later in the season.

Also if you’re a busy coach who wants an easier way to share video clips of games with players we also offer a coaches game film package in addition to a team video package that lets you share clips with the entire team and offer coaching feedback to individual players.

Soccer Video Discounts

We do offer discounts if you book games at the same soccer complex that are back to back or have minimal time in between matches. We can also offer club discounts if multiple teams from the same club are interested in recording games during a season.

Soccer Camera

If you’re interested in getting the soccer camera we use for your team or club you can reserve one here.

Soccer Video Content

The soccer filming equipment we use automatically follows the ball during play. It doesn’t zoom in on individual players but gives a view that’s useful for tactical analysis. Below are examples of some game footage that was captured with our camera.

The camera has two 4K lenses. Each captures play on one half of the field. Based on the layout of the field and the location of the sun during filming, if we are filming into the sun during the match the shading of the film will be a little different depending on the half the ball is in. You can see an example of this in the videos below.

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