Update: Team leaderboards are no longer part of the DribbleUp soccer app.  We still have access to our coaches dashboard but unfortunately the app isn’t pulling in the playlists that we assign to our team. We’ve requested a return of this feature to the Dribble Up app but for the time being it’s not an option so you can’t  join the team or pull or see the leaderboad. You can still use the ball individually, for tips and motivation you can refer to our DribbleUp Parent & Player Guide.

Our goal is to help 100 youth soccer players get in their daily touches so they can meet their soccer goals. Whether it’s earning a starting spot, making the team, playing more minutes, or simply getting better just for the love of the game we created the “Soccer Stripes Squad” just for you.

What is Soccer Stripes Squad?

It’s a virtual team of soccer players who are serious about getting better. We have a daily playlist of foot skills for you to work on and a leaderboard where you can compete against your friends. When your coach asks who worked on their foot skills at home how many kids raise their hands? How many of those kids actually did the work? Your coach will know over time because they’ll see it on the field.

Which one of those players do you want to be? The one who just raises their hand? Or the one who’s really getting better? Join the squad and we’ll help you get in your daily touches. You can setup daily reminders to work on your foot skills and our leaderboard reminds you of how the rest of the virtual team is doing (and if you’re working harder than them).

It’s free and really easy. All you have to do is download the free Dribble Up app to your phone or tablet and follow the link in the instructions below to join the virtual team.

Here’s how to join the team:

  1. Install the free DribbleUp smart ball app
  2. Join our DribbleUp team. Click this link on your phone or device (Must have app installed for the link to work. This link will not work on your computer, only on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device that has the Dribble Up app installed)
  3. Optional – Get your own Dribble Up ball
  4. Every day, Do the playlist in your Homework

If you have trouble joining, just email us team@soccerstripes.com and we’ll get you setup. Join our community of players who are pushing each other to train and get better!