Is the Veo Camera Worth It?

"Is the Veo camera worth the money, I just want to find the best soccer camera?" - asked the soccer dad on the phone. My question back to him was "if you knew your kid was going to score 22 goals this season and you could record all their soccer games without manning a camera, would that be worth it to you"? I went on to share about all the club soccer teammates we play against during the high school soccer season. In a close fought [...]

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Record Soccer Games with Used Cameras

Cameras for recording soccer games are making it easier to setup your camera on the sideline and sit back and enjoy the game. AI sports cameras that follow the ball for you can track your players for soccer, hockey, rugby, basketball, volleyball, handball, and lacrosse - making our lives as sports parents easier. Unfortunately saving money on a soccer camera isn't easy when you buy the latest version so you can livestream soccer, store more games on the hard drive, record higher resolution video, etc.  The good [...]

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Veo Camera Sale – Soccer Camera Deals

Veo camera sales happen a few times a year and are a good chance buy a soccer camera at a discount. After recording soccer games for several years with the Veo camera and several other soccer cameras I keep my eye on soccer camera deals - not only on ai sports cameras but also on Veo camera batteries, soccer livestream hotspots, camera tripods, tilt mounts, travel bags, camera cases, tripod adapters, Wi-Fi accessories, camera mics, etc. There are certain times of the year like Amazon prime [...]

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Veo Camera Travel Guide – Bags, Tripods, & Batteries for Recording Soccer Games on the Road

Are you recording travel soccer games or livestreaming soccer for your team? Be prepared for your next trip with this Veo camera travel guide for sports parents. Planning ahead can save the stress of hunting good internet, hours of running around town trying to find the right adapter or plug, and of course can save you some money. I'm writing this in a hotel lobby in Las Vegas as my wife drives our daughter to games in St Louis and I just booked our team hotel [...]

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Veo Camera vs Pix4Team Soccer

The Veo camera and the PIX4TEAM soccer are both soccer recording cameras that use AI to follow the ball during the game. They record the soccer match in different ways, here we’ll look at Veo vs Pix4Team - a camera comparison for videoing your game with the Pix4Team or Veo. We bought a PIX4TEAM when it first released in order to test it out and let you know what might be a better fit for your team. I know many of you have been waiting to [...]

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Veo Camera 2 Review – Record + Livestream

Summary - Veo Camera Review Streaming Regionals in Chicago with our first Veo 2 The Veo 2 camera is made for parents or coaches like us who need to record lots of soccer games every weekend, at home or on the road. After recording over 2,200 games with the first generation Veo camera in the last two years we've noticed some great improvements and a few challenges with the Veo 2 after using it to record and stream about 60 games the first few [...]

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Veo 2 Camera Tutorial – Soccer Camera Setup

This Veo 2 camera tutorial is for the soccer dads, moms, managers, and coaches who are using your Veo 2 camera for the first time. We know how it feels, you walk to the sideline to setup your soccer camera in front of all the fans. Hopefully this veo camera review of features will prepare you for the first game. Just as our players practice to get ready for the match, this soccer camera tutorial is your chance to prepare to record soccer games. For example, [...]

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Black Friday Deals for Soccer Cameras

If you record or livestream games for your soccer team here are some Black Friday deals you'll be interested in. We're a fan of saving money and technology isn't cheap so we always keep our eye out for deals over Black Friday for soccer cameras or related gadgets or internet options: Solis Hotspot for Livestreaming I ordered this a few days ago so the jury is still out on this deal. We use T-Mobile Inseego MiFi for streaming our games but I'm looking for hotspots that [...]

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Veo Camera Discounts

Veo camera discounts are something many teams ask about so here's a list of ways you can save some money on the Veo soccer camera. 1) Veo Discount Code Using a Veo discount code is typically the best way to save your team some money. As a Veo Ambassador we can help you knock some money off the price of the camera when you checkout if you use our Veo promo code. The way it works is you enter your name and email to request the [...]

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Recording Soccer Games on a Budget Contest

As we've been looking at the best soccer cameras we haven’t spent much time on cost comparison yet but overall if you’re going to use a soccer recording system it isn’t cheap. One of the common questions we get “is the Veo camera worth the money”? This has a lot to do with your team(s) and how you're using the camera and the footage you record. You’ll hear comments on the sideline about how it’s crazy to spend that much on youth sports and then the [...]

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