Hello there, sports enthusiasts! It’s Ben from Easy Sports Video, and I’m thrilled to share the exciting features of the new Trace soccer camera with PlayerFocus tracking. If you’ve been following our soccer camera journey, you might remember our old Trace camera, which required tracers for player tracking. Well, the game has evolved, and so has Trace!

I recently received the latest Trace camera in the mail just before heading out to a soccer tournament in St Louis. This new version eliminates the need for tracers, offering a more streamlined and efficient experience for recording soccer games.

Let me walk you through the changes. The camera’s exterior remains familiar, with the same design and charger. However, this new iteration is a game-changer. No tracers required – just a straightforward setup to get you started.

During the tournament, I had the chance to test the PlayerFocus feature in real-time. Setting up the team and adding player numbers to the roster allowed the camera to effortlessly track and highlight players during the game. The result? A seamless recording experience with a sharper focus on the action.

In the hotel room, before our first game, I set up the player roster and put the camera to the test. You can catch a glimpse of our initial trial in the clip below, showcasing PlayerFocus in action. As the ball moves across the screen, the camera intelligently focuses on the designated player, offering a dynamic view of their movements on the field.

Excited to explore more features and share our experiences, we’ll be incorporating Trace PlayerFocus into our upcoming soccer camera series. Stay tuned for in-depth reviews and insights!

For those eager to elevate their sports recording game, head over to https://EasySportsVideo.com/start for more information. Good luck in your games this weekend, and happy recording!