Greetings from Ben at Easy Sports Video! Today, I’m excited to share some fantastic options for live streaming and uploading content with your video camera, especially when you’re on the move. Among the reliable choices we frequently use are the MiFi and Solis Lite. However, I’m thrilled to introduce some new additions to our lineup, including the Solis 5G, equipped with a power bank. Additionally, we’re experimenting with a home internet service that conveniently connects to a power bank and delivers impressive performance.

The standout feature of these solutions is the solar option, allowing you to purchase data on demand. Moreover, it can seamlessly switch between the best carriers in the area, making it ideal for extensive travel across different regions. The Solis 5G, on the other hand, operates on a monthly plan, providing a generous 50 gigs of data, and its signal strength is exceptional. Its versatility enables you to position it away from the camera, making it possible to stream from multiple cameras simultaneously.

The MiFi and Solis Lite, with their monthly plans, have proven reliable, offering excellent signal strength even when placed at a distance from the camera. The Solis Lite requires connection to a power bank but demonstrated impressive performance during a recent live stream, consuming only half of its power bank capacity.

These hotspots are not only effective for live streaming but also excel in uploading content. I personally experienced the efficiency of the home internet hotspot when swiftly uploading game footage from our hotel room, bypassing reliance on hotel Wi-Fi.

In our recent experience at an ECNL event, we encountered connectivity challenges at different venues. Thanks to the variety of hotspot options, we were able to adapt and ensure a seamless live stream for viewers, including a dad traveling overseas for work.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your livestream capabilities or efficiently upload game footage, these hotspot solutions provide you with the flexibility and reliability you need. Good luck with your games this weekend! For more information and assistance, feel free to visit us at

Last weekend, we successfully utilized these hotspot options for our Veo camera livestream during an ECNL event. We’ve been relying on the MiFi and Solis Lite, but recently incorporated the Solis 5G and a home internet router into our setup.

The livestreaming experience for soccer matches back home went smoothly initially at the World Wide Technology Soccer Complex. However, when we played at the Missouri Rush complex, we encountered livestream dropouts. This is where having multiple hotspot options proved invaluable, ensuring we could provide a reliable livestream experience for families unable to attend the event.

One notable scenario involved recording a game next to a Hudl Focus Flex camera, where the opposing team from Dayton was livestreaming their game back home. The ability to switch between different hotspots allowed us to compare Veo vs Hudl streaming performance.

In addition to livestreaming, the hotspots facilitated efficient nightly uploads of game footage from our hotel room, reducing reliance on hotel Wi-Fi. As we continue to explore and optimize our livestreaming and uploading capabilities, we encourage you to visit us at for more information on recording or livestreaming your games.