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Record Soccer Games Multiple Cameras – Trace MultiCam

Trace camera Multicam lets you record soccer games from multiple angles on the field. If you have your Trace camera up at mid-field you can have an iPhone with the Trace app behind the goal or on the other side of the field recording the game, or both. The option of recording soccer games from different angles isn't available on a lot of automated sports cameras but Trace lets you do it if you have the app on your phone. Trace MultiCam Button In the Trace [...]

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How to Make a Soccer Highlight Video

Creating a highlight video for soccer isn't hard if you have good software to do most of the work for you. I've made a lot of highlight reels during high school season so we put together a sports parents guide to making a highlight video. The guide shows you how to use CapCut to make a soccer video reel on your phone. The five main steps are: Importing Clips Clipping & Ordering Video Highlighting Players Adding Text, Images, Music Export & Publish Video We have both [...]

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Reeplayer Camera

The Reeplayer soccer camera has some similarities with Trace and Veo and also some differences. Reeplayer is like Trace in that you lease the camera, vs owning the camera like with Veo and Pixellot. You also have three cameras in Reeplayer/Trace (left, middle, right), unlike Veo which has two cameras (left and right). Reeplayer uses a subscription model like Veo, Trace, Pixellot, and Hudl. While the Trace model is per player and Veo has Starter/Team/Club options Reeplayer is offering a plan that doesn't seem to limit [...]

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How to Make a Highlight Video on Your Phone for Free – Sports Parent Guide

Creating a highlight video on your phone without spending a lot of time is a challenge I get from soccer parents. Since we're back in high school season I've been putting together a lot of highlight clips over the last two weeks. I wanted to share how I quickly make a highlight reel for soccer so I published a highlight video tutorial for you. If you have players in high school you know you can have 3 games a week so you have a lot of [...]

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Veo camera app iPhone or Android

Question - Have you found the Veo App to be most stable in Android or iOS? I have access to both types of phones, which has the fewest problems? I have an Android and my wife has an iPhone. Is it okay to have the Veo app installed on multiple phones for the same camera? I use the iPhone app. The iOS app came out first and has more users overall so I imagine they give iOS priority in terms of features and development, don't know [...]

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How long does it take to upload Veo camera game?

In order to watch your game footage there are really 3 steps the video goes through before it's ready to watch and download. How long it takes depends in part the length of your recording. This example shows a 2 hour upload and 1 hour processing for an 11v11 soccer game. Here are the three steps: Uploading - Game is uploading over Internet from your camera to the Veo cloud (1-3 hours) Preparing - Veo software prepares the game for analysis (just a few minutes) Processing [...]

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Xbot Go Chameleon

Xbot Go Chameleon is the next version of a smart gimbal that holds your phone and follows the action for youth sports games. The first version was called Xbot Go and we tested it out when the smart gimbal first launched in 2022. There have been improvements in the original since we shared a brief Xbot Go review when looking at new cameras. One big one was the addition of a remote for the gimbal which made it easier to control when it was raised up [...]

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Veo camera game won’t upload

This video shows you how you can submit a request if your recordings are not uploading. You start on the Veo support page You come to this drop-down and you pick. Submission ProcessIssues with recordings. Then you enter your email address, the version of the camera that you're using to record with. You choose stuck upload. You say video not uploading from camera. Enter the Serial number that's on the bottom of your camera. Address is here if you're going to be returning your camera. In [...]

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Veo Camera 3 Review

Veo Camera 3 Weekend Recordings Recording soccer with the Veo 3 camera at a showcase in Dallas was fun! In this initial Veo camera review I'll share my experience over the long weekend and then I'll follow up over the coming weeks with more in-depth look at the camera system overall. Veo 1 vs Veo 3 If you're a parent or coach and currently have a Veo 1 camera or you don't have a recording system then the Veo 3 will definitely let you record and [...]

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Recording Soccer Season Success – Coaches Developing Players

Recording soccer games to help develop players is the name of the game for a few coaches we've met this year. We'll introduce you to some of them by starting with a question. What if this was the last season your team could play together? High School Soccer for Middle School Grads We're working with a team in Kansas that has a really good middle school soccer program but unfortunately they don’t have a high school program to move into so next Fall those kids won’t [...]

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