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How to Make a Soccer Highlight Video

Creating a highlight video for soccer isn’t hard if you have good software to do most of the work for you. I’ve made a lot of highlight reels during high school season so we put together a sports parents guide to making a highlight video.

The guide shows you how to use CapCut to make a soccer video reel on your phone. The five main steps are:

  • Importing Clips
  • Clipping & Ordering Video
  • Highlighting Players
  • Adding Text, Images, Music
  • Export & Publish Video

We have both a written and a video version our steps on how to create a soccer highlight video. You can use it for team highlights or individual player highlights. All of the steps for creating a video can also be used for a college recruiting video but in that case you’ll need to pay special attention to which clips you choose, the order/arrangement of clips, length of video. Soccer recruiting videos are a topic for a separate article but if you learn how to build and edit a video it will help you along the way.

Steps to making a soccer highlight video in CapCut:

The guide has a section on common video editor terms that we link to above. Whether you’re using CapCut or iMovie or some other video editing software there are usually common terms that apply to making a highlight video. Once you learn the terms they’ll apply no matter what other highlight video software you use. Here’s a screenshot of some the parts on the screen in CapCut when you’re putting together a bunch of soccer clips into a highlight video.

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