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Record Soccer Games Multiple Cameras – Trace MultiCam

Trace camera Multicam lets you record soccer games from multiple angles on the field. If you have your Trace camera up at mid-field you can have an iPhone with the Trace app behind the goal or on the other side of the field recording the game, or both. The option of recording soccer games from different angles isn’t available on a lot of automated sports cameras but Trace lets you do it if you have the app on your phone.

Trace MultiCam Button

In the Trace camera app there’s a button called “Record Multicam”, you can see an example in the screenshot. You have to start the main recording first in order to sync up a multi cam recording. The app takes a second to locate the game you’re recording and then asks if you want to associate the multi camera recording with the game.

Higher Resolution Video

The nice thing about MultiCam is that you’re able to get higher resolution footage from different parts of the field. One downside of the sports recording cameras is that when you are recording footage on the far side of the field the resolution isn’t as good. Whether you’re using Veo, Hudl, Trace, Reeplayer, or Pixellot the video isn’t as clear on the opposite corner since they all use a digital zoom. I’ve tested putting a Veo camera on both sides of the field so you do get higher resolution footage on either side but it does present some challenges.

The most obvious hurdle to two cameras is that you have double the cost. Another challenge is that the videos aren’t automatically synchronized. You can have two people both start each camera at the same time but it’s hard to get that exactly right and in the bustle before the game it’s hard to find two people to coordinate it. Most teams are lucky to get one camera started, let alone two.

Recording Soccer Games on Your Phone

Switch Between Game Video Angles

With MultiCam you can record on your phone and it’s synced with the Trace camera recording so you can see the same point in the game from different angles. As you can see from this screenshot you can toggle back and forth between the views.

I hadn’t used the multi-cam feature much previously because we have 3 kids that play soccer and when I’m at one game the other 2 kids are usually practicing or playing somewhere else. They either need rides coordinated or I’m looking at scores so I’m usually needing my phone for calls/texts during a match. The other hurdle was that i needed the phone to have plenty of space and be fully charged.

So I ended up just buying a used iPhone for a good deal online, it doesn’t have a plan but I just use it for the recording. One thing to be aware of if you do this, you will need to be on Wi-Fi to start the multicam, I just used the hotspot on my other phone.

Trace MultiCam

The opposing team also had a Trace that night and the coach shared that they have a few parents install the Trace camera app on their phone. Once the coach has started the main recording they tap MultiCamera and record another angle.

Phone footage icon

One tip he offered, if you’re holding your phone by hand the footage can get a little shaky (or your hand can get tired) so some of them get a small tripod. Once the game is over you leave the Trace app open and the footage uploads to the Trace server. Once the game footage from the main camera has been uploaded and processed and you’re able to see the game you’ll see an icon on the clips that also have multicam.

You can see an example of it in this screenshot, how there’s an icon of a camera next to the goal, showing there’s soccer game footage available from another angle.

I took a screenshot for one of the moments in multi cam view right before a goal was scored. Ideally I’d be closer to the corner or behind the end line for a better angle, here I’m just standing off the sideline. Since it’s a screenshot it’s blurred but the actual footage is clear and cool to have a different angle of the goal.

If you were a die hard fan you could run the sideline with the AR recording with your phone and get a good recording to double check the offside call or no-calls. Kidding of course but hopefully this shows how you can add different angle and views when you’re recording soccer games.

MultiCam iPhone View of Goal
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