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The Reeplayer soccer camera has some similarities with Trace and Veo and also some differences. Reeplayer is like Trace in that you lease the camera, vs owning the camera like with Veo and Pixellot. You also have three cameras in Reeplayer/Trace (left, middle, right), unlike Veo which has two cameras (left and right).

Reeplayer uses a subscription model like Veo, Trace, Pixellot, and Hudl. While the Trace model is per player and Veo has Starter/Team/Club options Reeplayer is offering a plan that doesn’t seem to limit the number of teams. We don’t have a camera yet but it sounds like Reeplayer has one plan that can be used for a player or a team, or for multiple teams.

The Reeplayer app is used to control the camera but it also can be used to create clips. The Trace and Veo apps are used for connecting to cameras and starting the recording but it looks like the Reeplayer app will also be able to create video clips from the game.

Many of the mobile AI cameras like Trace and Hudl are currently only used to process one sport, soccer. Reeplayer is the same, you can use it to record soccer but not other sports. Pixellot Air and Veo are able to process multiple sports, it would be nice if Reeplayer could add in other sports.

Some of the automated camera systems are able to livestream footage, like Veo and Hudl. Reeplayer does a lot of the processing on the camera, rather than in the cloud, so you should be able to livestream with Reeplayer as well.

One thing that Reeplayer might offer that other systems don’t is the ability to bring video clips in from other camera systems. We don’t have our Reeplayer yet so haven’t been able to test this but from what we understand there should be a way to take game video from other sports cameras and import it into the Reeplayer app or cloud. We’ll let you know more about how the camera works once we get our camera.

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