Xbot Go Chameleon

Xbot Go Chameleon is the next version of a smart gimbal that holds your phone and follows the action for youth sports games. The first version was called Xbot Go and we tested it out when the smart gimbal first launched in 2022.

There have been improvements in the original since we shared a brief Xbot Go review when looking at new cameras. One big one was the addition of a remote for the gimbal which made it easier to control when it was raised up on a tripod.

The original version does all the ai tracking in the app on your camera, it seems as though the new version will do some of the processing in the unit itself which could make the tracking more accurate. You still use your phone on top of the Xbot to capture the video. The tracking with the first version was more for smaller fields, once you got to a big field it wasn’t accurate enough to consistently track the ball.

One big appeal to the Xbot is that it doesn’t require a subscription unlike many of the other smart cameras. If they can get the tracking to be more consistent on full size field that will definitely earn them more teams as customers.

The bad news is that the new version isn’t out yet, they have announced a Kickstarter to raise money to fund the development of the next version they’re calling Chameleon. We will support the Kickstarter and try out the Xbot Go version once it releases and let you know what we think.

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