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How long does it take to upload Veo camera game?

In order to watch your game footage there are really 3 steps the video goes through before it’s ready to watch and download. How long it takes depends in part the length of your recording. This example shows a 2 hour upload and 1 hour processing for an 11v11 soccer game. Here are the three steps:

Uploading – Game is uploading over Internet from your camera to the Veo cloud (1-3 hours)

Preparing – Veo software prepares the game for analysis (just a few minutes)

Processing – Veo software analyzes the game to zoom/pan and create clips (1-2 hours)

Here are some timings from a game we recorded recently with the Veo 3 camera. It was a game with two 35 minute halves and it took about two hours to upload and about an hour to process.:

6:41pm – assigned and upload start

8:28 pm – upload finished

9:31 pm – processing finished

Typically you get an email after each step so you can look back to see about how long each one took. Below are screen shots of the emails showing the upload and processing start and stop times. We were on the road in a hotel so uploading over hotspot. When we upload at home over Google fiber the upload usually takes 30-40 minutes, so it depends on the speed of your internet connection.

Upload Notes

You can tell if the Veo camera is uploading in two ways. One is to go into the Veo app and look under Recordings, it will show you the percentage status of game upload. You can also log into the Veo site, app.veo.co, and under Recordings you’ll see the game as Uploading.

The game should start upload automatically once you connect to internet but if it doesn’t you can go into the app and tap on the game and select Upload from the menu. Once the game is finished uploading and in preparing you won’t see it on the camera any longer and you won’t be able to watch the instant playback. At this point it will be in the preparing step. You’ll be able to see it under Recordings in preparing but you wont be able to watch it. Preparing typically only lasts 10-15 minutes.

Once the game is in the Processing stage you’ll be able to watch it when you login to https://app.veo.co It won’t be complete so you won’t see the clips and it will be the Interactive view, not the Follow mode view that you’ll be able to watch and download once the Processing is complete.

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