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Veo camera game won’t upload

This video shows you how you can submit a request if your recordings are not uploading. You start on the Veo support page You come to this drop-down and you pick.

Submission Process
Issues with recordings. Then you enter your email address, the version of the camera that you’re using to record with. You choose stuck upload. You say video not uploading from camera. Enter the Serial number that’s on the bottom of your camera.

Address is here if you’re going to be returning your camera. In this case, I won’t be and then I just put a description and I also attached some screenshots of the firmware, the connection and how it’s not uploading. I did just register it yesterday. I let them know that I attached screenshots. I left it plugged into the Internet. I also made sure I tested it with a different camera and that one uploaded okay. So, I include information in here about what I’ve done to help it go faster. I come down here and I click submit.

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