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DribbleUp Soccer Ball Book just released with over 30 tips on how you can use the smart soccer ball (free today & tomorrow)! You can also rent the Dribble Up Soccer Ball for a trial.

The DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball is a fantastic training tool that youth soccer is just now discovering. The use of technology to motivate players to train harder is really paying off for those that spend time with DribbleUp.

Parents – Our soccer families around the country have used the smart ball to help their players earn more playing time, make the top team, strengthen their weak foot, improve their foot skills, train during rainouts. Makes a great birthday present for your player – same day fast and free shipping.

Players – Get Results. Check out how players are using their Dribble Up skills in their games.

Coaches – Check out our Coaches Guide to learn how to assign homework and track your players progress.

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“Do we have to go to bed” is music to your ears when your kid needs to work on their weak foot or ball control in tight spaces. Countless nights our kids have gotten me in big trouble doing “just one more round” of soccer skills that lead to another round and another… Seriously how can you say no when they’re begging to keep training?

Whether soccer training is rained out or the kids are wanting to climb up the leaderboard the DribbleUp smart soccer ball has been a welcome addition to our soccer household.

Dribble Up Soccer Skills

One common question is whether soccer training with the Dribble Up app makes a difference in an actual game. Our experience has been that the soccer skills developed using the smart ball help players not only have better ball control and more precise footwork in games but also in practice. Players that train using Dribble Up can build an advantage in skills over their teammates at practice which in the eyes of their coach can translate to more chances to start and more playing time. Here’s a video of players using the skills they’ve developed with Dribble Up in a game. The video shows examples of moves in the Dribble Up app library and then those moves being used in a game.


Is the Smart Ball Worth It?

There are lots of ways to spend money on soccer training so of course you’re wondering if the Dribble Up ball is worth the money. Last off-season our player didn’t do any soccer training other than using Dribble Up. Between camp, family visits, vacations, etc we were always travelling but he took the smart ball along and started off spending about 10 minutes each day with the smart ball. As you can see here he enjoyed it so much that as the summer went on he spent more and more time with the ball and reached the 2nd spot on the entire Dribble Up leaderboard.

That work with the Dribble up ball paid big dividends that were obvious on the very first day of pre-season practice. The improved ball control and confidence were obvious to both coaches and teammates right away. All that improvement came at less than the cost of a one week summer camp. If you’re wondering if your player would have the same results we might be able to help with a Dribble Up coupon or Dribble Up discount for your soccer organization.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if your player doesn’t have similar results you can always send the money back for a full refund.

Will My Player Use the Smart Ball?

We’ve created a virtual team of soccer players called the “Soccer Stripes Squad” and developed playlists for them to use. We also run contests to get kids even more motivated to train with the Dribble Up ball. If we ship you a smart ball we’ll add your player, or players, to our virtual team so they’ll have access to those libraries of drills and the chance to compete in the soccer skills contests. Here’s a video of a member of our virtual team who trained with Dribble Up last off-season.

You can read more about the many reasons we’re super excited about the ball in our DribbleUp reviews.


Dribble Up Shooting 
To say the shooting feature has been eagerly awaited by many Dribble Up users would be an understatement! We’re happy to announce shooting is now available with the latest release of the smart ball app.

You’ll want the DribbleUp app installed on two devices – one you setup behind the goal to track your shots and the second device you keep with you to see how you did. You can compete against your sister, brother, or team mates with the shooting app.

You can take turns shooting on the goal and the smart ball tracker scores you based on your placement of the ball. Best shooter wins! Here’s our review of the Dribble Up shooting app feature.

*Soccer tip. Unless you’re working on your penalty kicks don’t practice shooting a dead ball. How many chances do you get in a game to shoot a ball sitting still in front of the goal? Take a setup touch first before you take your shot to help you train like you play*


Dribble Up Juggling

The juggle counter in the smart ball app lets you keep track of your juggles and is a good way to train at home and also for kids to have a friendly juggling contest. Here’s a video taken from the DribbleUp app that shows the juggling feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is no monthly fee to use Dribble Up. The app is free and comes with a library of playlists you can use to train with. The Progress tile shown above keeps track of how you do and is a good way to see yourself improving when you train consistently over time.
  • You can return the ball for up to 30 days if you have any issues with it or decide it’s not for you.
  • Orders are shipping the same day they’re placed and we offer free shipping in the United States.
  • We do ship internationally, we charge a flat shipping fee outside of the U.S.
  • The Dribble Up ball can be used with teams, there is a coaches dashboard and we recently wrote about how you can use the smart ball at team training.

Dribble Up Teams

Many teams are using Dribble Up to get in supplemental foot skill training away from practice or also as a way for players to get in touches when practice is called off. We’ve done a write-up of the coaches dashboard and different ways that coaches have successfully used the smart ball to help make their players better. We do offer team pricing if you’re interested in getting more than one smart soccer ball for your team. Here’s a video taken from our team training session showing a player going through a playlist.


Dribble Up Package

If the smart ball sounds like a good fit for your soccer family then we can ship you one today. This package includes:

  • DribbleUp Smart Ball
  • 1 Phone Stand (iPhone or Android compatible)
  • Free Access to Virtual Team (playlists and contests)
  • Free Access to Upcoming “Soccer Tribe” portal for soccer families

To help make sense of the app and get the most out of your smart ball we just released the DribbleUp Soccer Ball Book with over 30 tips on how you can use the smart soccer ball! You can also rent the DribbleUp Soccer ball to try it out.

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