Black Friday Soccer Deals

Black Friday Soccer Deals

Black Friday soccer deals can be a great way to save money on soccer gear and training. If you’re one of those people that like to plan ahead you can pickup some deals this weekend and save some money over the next season. Of course basic stuff like water bottles and soccer socks are on sale but here’s a list of some of the soccer deals for Black Friday that you probably won’t find the rest of the year. Some of these might be over by the time you read this but oftentimes the deals are extended through Cyber Monday. A few of these recommendations to sites, like Amazon, include our soccer stripes id so they know the referral came from us.

Renegade Soccer Training – Renegade offers a pretty wide variety of training programs. Whether a player is looking to improve their shooting, juggling, or footskills they have a program for helping develop the technique. For Black Friday they’re offering 40% off all individual programs like Evolution of Touch and Next Level Dribbling but also have few bundle deals available. To get the deal use the coupon code RENEGADE here.

Duktig Planner – Tiffany Weimer and Adelaide Gay are offering 40% off their soccer planners for coaches and players. We got the myTrainer planner for our daughter at the end of her last season and it was a big hit! To get the deal use the coupon code – BlackFriday

Beast Mode Soccer – In the past I’ve picked up individual programs on Black Friday but this year looks like it’s a package deal. You get 3 different programs (Soccer Vortex, SWAG Mindset, and 5000 Touches a Day Challenge) for 50% off.  No coupon code for this deal, just visit this Beast Mode soccer page.

PlayerTek – The Catapult PLAYR SmartCoach System that usually sells for $250 is on sale for $179.99. They have it discounted at multiple places like, their own site and, also on Amazon. No coupon code necessary, our guess is it’ll be this price till Cyber Monday is over. To get the deal just check out PLAYR SmartCoach on Amazon.

Open Goaaaal – One year for Christmas we got our kids a rebounder from Epic Sports that we still use today but they don’t carry it any longer. Open Goaaal makes a soccer goal that also has a backstop that serves as a rebounder. For example, the goal is 16×7 and the backstop attached to it reaches 29×10 and rebounds the ball if you miss the goal.  It’s a pretty slick idea, we haven’t tried one ourselves but they’re offering a Black Friday special. To get the deal use the coupon code BF25 here.

Wobblrs – We’ve used the Wobblrs ever since they first launched to play soccer in the front yard before the bus comes. They’re designed to be used as a tailgating game before soccer games but with 3 kids that play soccer we don’t get many chances to tailgate. Instead we set them up in the driveway as goals and the girls play 1v1 soccer while waiting for the bus. For their Black Friday deal they’re offering 30% off all sets of Wobblrs. Use the coupon code GOBBLRS.

SoccerGrlProbs – If you’ve never watched a “Soccer Girl Problems” video you should head to their channel on YouTube and clear your schedule for a few laughs. In addition to poking fun at the challenges of being a female athlete they also share their lessons learned in their Survival Guide to Playing College Soccer. Their guide is 50% off for Black Friday and their gear is 30% off. – If you have kids playing soccer chances are you’ve ordered something off They’re offering 20% off and free shipping for orders over $100 for Black Friday. We recommend becoming a Goal Club member if you order from there more than a few times of the year, can definitely save you some money.  To get the deal enter coupon code BCFRIDAY at checkout and also use BCSHIP to get free shipping at

iSoccerPath – If your soccer player is in high school you should checkout what Jeff Jaye has created at iSoccerPath. Two of his kids played college soccer and got athletic scholarships from Div 1 college soccer programs. He created iSoccerPath to share what his family learned with other soccer families. We attended one of his seminars at Showcase KC and learned a ton. If you don’t have a chance to go to one live they offer DVDs on their site and also a guided program for high school players. Jeff is offering 15% off when you use the coupon code MakeMyDay at iSoccerPath.

Soloshot – As featured in our soccer gifts guide, the Soloshot camera is $100 off over the Black Friday weekend. Both the Optic25 and Optic65 versions are on sale. The discount isn’t available on Amazon, you have to visit the Soloshot website to get the deal, no coupon code needed.

DJI Spark – Also in our soccer gifts guide, the Spark drone is on sale until the end of Cyber Monday. Normally $399 it’s discounted to $349. We haven’t used it ourselves but John Pranjić from 3Four3 was using it to record soccer footage so that’s a good sign. You can’t get the deal on Amazon, you need to visit the DJI drone site for the discount. No coupon code necessary.

Dicks Sporting Goods – We buy a lot of shoes from Dicks Sporting Good for our 3 youth players. Youth soccer cleat discounts are nice to find when you’re buying 3 sets of cleats. The Black Friday deal at Dicks is 25% off all purchases and free shipping. One reason we like buying soccer cleats there is that we can buy 2 different sizes and then return the ones that don’t fit in our local store. Their Adidas Tiro soccer pants are also a regular purchase for us around this time of the year. Normally $40 they’re $25 on sale so we load up on a few different styles and sizes. One thing to note is that the more standard styles and sizes (ex: Black/White/Black) tend to sell out early over the holidays so if you’re interested get the size you need before they go out of stock.  We recommend opening a ScoreCard membership with Dicks if you shop there at least a few times a year. The rewards points do add up over time and it’s nice for returns to be able to pull up your purchases with your ScoreCard account. No discount code needed for the sale, just visit Dicks Sporting Goods site.

US Youth Futsal – With the Youth National Championships being held in our home town we get to see a lot of youth futsal and so of course we’re on the mailing list of US Youth Futsal. If your kids play futsal over the winter like ours the futsal ball is just another thing you have to buy over the course of the season that’s probably not listed in the fees section of your soccer club. For Black Friday they’re offering 30% off purchases and free shipping over $50, use the coupon code USYFBLKFRI18.

Train Effective – Founded by soccer player Nick Humphries, Train Effective is another training program offering a Black Friday Deal. Humphries documented his journey from amateur to professional soccer player online and now offers other aspiring professional players help preparing themselves. His Effective Academy program offers 3 levels, depending on the age and seriousness of the player who is using the workouts and the planning of the training. Each of the 3 programs is offering 50% off for Black Friday. To get the discount use the coupon code effectivefriday.

Soccer Awareness – Founded by former professional player and experienced soccer coach Wayne Harrison the Training Center is a great resources for coaches. He really focuses on part-time youth or high school coaches who are not professional coaches and juggling a full time job and coaching (and probably parenting as well). An annual membership in his training center offers a guide for a developmental coaching & training program and his library of drills. More than only drills, the program helps coaches train players on technique, ball skill, tactical, and psychological/mental development. To get his Black Friday deal when you signup use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY.

World Soccer Shop – I first heard of this site when they became a sponsor of the Men in Blazer’s show. Their Black Friday deal is different than saving a certain percentage on your purchase. Their deal is based on how much you spend. If you order items over $99 you get $20 off your order. The larger the size of the order the bigger the amount they knock off the total up to $150, go get that deal use coupon code BF2018. They’re also offering 25% off all orders on Cyber Monday with the code CW1825.

CoachUp – A great way to find a good trainer for your kid is by word of mouth but if you’re new to an area, all the good trainers you know of are booked up, or you’d like to try someone new you can use CoachUp to find trainers in your area. You enter your zip code and sport and they give you the profile of of local coaches and let you book a session with them through the site. We’ve never used it to book a coach but some of the trainers that we’ve used in the past have had profiles on CoachUp so we left them feedback based on our experiences. They’re having a Cyber Monday sale where you can get 20% off your first training session you book using coupon code CYBER18.

Storelli – “Soccer Safety & Performance” is what Storelli aims to deliver to soccer families. You’ve probably seen some of the Storelli headguards out on the pitch and they also make BodyShield gear that you can wear under your socks, shorts, or jersey to help save some of the wear and tear when your kid hits the ground. They’re offering 20-30% off big orders for Cyber Monday, you’ll have to place an order of at least $100 to qualify for the sale, no coupon code required.

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