If you’re like us you like saving money on soccer gear! Here are some holiday soccer deals, it’s been a while since we did our Black Friday deals roundup. Lots of soccer companies are sharing ways to save money on soccer gear and training this July 4th weekend. If you’re too busy to plan ahead or would rather relax over the long weekend that sounds fine to us but if you have time to plan ahead you can pickup some deals this weekend and save some money before next season. Here are of some of the soccer deals that you might not find again until Black Friday. Some of these might be over by the time you read this but oftentimes the deals are extended a few days after the holiday. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Renegade Soccer Training – Renegade offers a wide variety of training programs. In the past they’ve offered July 4th promotions but this year what they’ve done is added an “All Access Pass” where you can access all their programs for a very reasonable monthly price (was $10 a month last we checked). They have programs for shooting, juggling, footskills, and recently added “The Forge” for speed and agility. To checkout the programs offered by RST you can use this Renegade Soccer Access Pass link.

Open Goaaaal – This combination of goal/rebounder have been a big hit while so many players have been having to train only at home for the last few months. The Open Goaaal comes in several sizes and many have been out of stock but the good news is they’re back available again. We finally got to try one as a nearby neighbor got one to play at home. He and my son spent hours this Spring shooting and kicking around and they’re sweet. Make sure you have enough room in your yard to put one up because you want to make sure you get the anchors in to get it nice and tight. To celebrate being back in stock they’re offering a holiday special of 20% off. To get the deal use the coupon code FIREWORKS here.

DribbleUp – Since we first started writing about DribbleUp they’ve expanded into smart soccer balls, basketballs, and medicine balls. Now they’re offering 20% off the smart soccer ball for the July 4th weekend with the code JULY4. That’s the best deal they’ve offered on the smart ball since Black Friday. You can also get our DribbleUp Soccer Ball Guide for free if you sign up for Amazon Kindle unlimited today, they give you a 30 day free trial.

PlayerTek – The Catapult PLAYR SmartCoach System that usually sells for $200 on Amazon (SmartCoach on Amazon) is on sale for $179.99 on this site. We have a limited supply and once they’re gone we’re out. If you’re in the market see if we have the PLAYR SmartCoach in the size you need.

SoccerGrlProbs – Famous for their hilarious videos and the very fitting “I Can’t, I have Soccer” gear these ladies are giving you a chance to get some of that gear at a discount. When you buy one shirt/shorts you get 50% with the code USA at checkout. Also, they’re doing a pre-sale on their new book called “The Ladyballer’s Guide to Life“. I ordered one for my daughter, if you pre-order and send them your order confirmation number they’ll send you some cool bonuses. Here’s how they describe the book. “Featuring hilarious and heartfelt experiences, plus tips on training, nutrition, motivation, balancing soccer with a social life, and choosing the right college, this book is for the girls with bruises, turf burns, and weird tan lines who always find themselves saying, “I can’t, I have soccer!”

Soccer.com – This huge soccer site is offering $20 off orders over $100 with code JULY. We recommend becoming a Goal Club member if you order from there more than a few times of the year, can definitely save you some money.

World Soccer Shop – I Most of what you find here you can get on soccer.com but they’re having a good sale for an extra 30% off some sale items with the code THIRTYMORE. Our family has gotten great deals on many jerseys for our kids from this site.

Beast Mode Soccer – David Copeland Smith is offering 50% off his skills training program called “The Challenge”. It’s a 100 day, 5000 touches a day training program. It’s a digital product (not a printed book or manual) and you get the discount with the code JULY4TH2020 at checkout.

US Soccer – US Soccer is offering up to 40% off on their website for the holiday weekend.

Smart Soccer Camera Rental– Lastly we’re running a sale this weekend on our Veo soccer camera rental program. Now that soccer has started back up around the country we’re back to booking them and shipping them around the United States for teams who want to capture video for analysis or highlights or who want to try out the camera before investing in one for their team or club. We’re offering a free extra day of rental for cameras booked this weekend.  For more information give us a call at 816-398-8846 or send us an email, veo@soccerstripes.com

Have a great holiday weekend!