If you are selling your Veo camera you can find a sports team, club, or family looking to buy your camera by listing it for sale here. Here is how we make it easy for you to find a buyer and sell your camera:

Camera Listing

Interested buyers can find your camera listed in the Veo Camera directory with the details you enter in the form below. They’ll be able to contact you to arrange purchase and shipping.

Buyer Notifications

We have a list of interested buyers seeking a Veo camera that we email once a week with updates on the newest cameras for sale.

Seller Support

Some teams are nervous about buying a used camera from someone they’ve never met before. With the information you provide in the form below we can assure the buyer you’re a legitimate camera owner and they’ll get what they paid for.

We also give you two things to ease the process :

  • “Veo Camera Rookie Guide” you can provide to the new owner so they’re not contacting you with questions about how the camera works.
  • “Veo Transfer Guide”, walks you through the process of shipping and the new owner through the process of getting the camera setup under their name

We give you these for free and you hand these off to the buyer so they’re confident in the camera purchase and aren’t asking you for help after the sale.

Buyer Process

We encourage a payment process that allows the new owner to pay 50% up front, then 50% once they receive the camera and validate that it’s working as expected.  This makes them comfortable paying an unknown team and feeling confident that the camera will arrive in one piece.

Making it Easy

We’ve successfully purchased used cameras from the around the U.S. that we use to record. We took what we learned from that process and put it all together for teams looking to buy and sell a sports camera.

When you submit your camera info into the directory you’ll be asked to pay a one-time listing fee that helps cover the cost of the listing service.