Veo Camera Freelance Guide

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This Veo Camera Freelance guide is for you if you’re a team or family that wants to help cover the cost of your Veo camera by making it available to other teams in your area to record soccer games.

We’ve been helping teams locally and around the U.S. record games for the last year and covering our costs of the camera in the process. Here we share all the details about how it works and we answer the questions you’ll have about things like:

  • Pricing / Rates / Plans 
  • Video Access / Sharing 
  • Your Expenses 
  • Billing
  • Scheduling
  • Recording Logistics
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Marketing
  • Lessons Learned
  • Lots more…

This is an early release guide so we’re offering it at a discount and looking for your feedback. We will send you newer versions as we continue to add the information that you request.

Questions about the guide or your Veo camera? Happy to chat on the phone (816-398-8846) or via email (

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This Veo Camera Freelance guide is for you if you had to talk your team, coach, spouse, players, director of coaching, coaching staff, or anyone else into purchasing a Veo camera over objections of cost. If cost is not a big deal to you then this guide won’t be worth your time (and please tell us what your day job is so we can look into it).

After answering the same concerns and questions for so many coaches and families over the last year we decided it was time to put it all together to help ease your stress and make it easier for you to get good soccer footage without breaking the bank.

If you run into questions that aren’t covered here, just let us know and we’ll get them answered.

We broke the guide down into sections based on the type of question that you have.

  • Which Plan Do I Need?
  • How Much Should I Charge?
  • How Do I Share Recordings?
  • How Do I Protect My Camera?
  • Renting Camera vs Recording Games?
  • What Are My Costs?
  • How Do I Get the Money?
  • How Do Teams Find Me?

Then we have sections on:

  • Tips for Recording Other Teams
  • Lessons learned
  • Customer Expectations & Service
  • Forms & Email Templates


What You Get

  • Veo Freelance PDF Guide
  • Phone & email access for questions
  • Member of Rental Directory (Where teams find local cameras for rent or recording)

Here’s a little more about what to expect in your Veo Freelance guide.

We start by talking about which plan you’ll need or what you can do with the plan you have. Then we look at how you can give other teams access to what you record and the best fit depending on what they’re using it for. Followed by commonly asked questions around camera damage and security and then we talk about billing.

If you’re wondering about renting the camera to the team vs recording the game yourself we cover that as well. We look at the costs involved and then we talk about marketing your camera availability to teams in your area. In terms of the actual recording of games we offer our experience on best practices and then go into lessons learned. We have a section of setting customer expectations from the start and what you can do to make it a good experience for them and you.

We finish with a list of forms and templates you can use for teams in your area. If you already have some of the above figured out you can use the table of contents to jump to the sections that you’re looking for.

Veo Camera Freelance Guide

We get a lot of emails from teams/families interested in helping pay for their Veo so we finally decided to put together all we’ve learned in this guide. Often the conversations end with a parent or coach interested in covering some of the costs but not sure if they have time to figure out all the details. This takes the hassle out of figuring out the details and makes it easy for you to recover some of your costs.

So if this is you:

  • Debating ordering a Veo camera due to to costs
  • Have a camera & would like to spread the cost around
  • Have a specific question described above

Go ahead and order your copy of the Veo Camera Freelance Guide by clicking the “Add to Cart” button below.  If you get stuck shoot us an email, send us a text, or give us a call – 816-398-8846

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