Solis Hotspot for Veo Camera Livestream

The Solis Lite hotspot has livestreamed soccer games for our teams in California, Florida, Illinois, and Missouri. This mobile hotspot from Solis has helped us with streaming games, uploading footage, and traveling with our sports cameras. The speed, ability to pay for data as we go, and the ability to switch between carriers has been great for us.



Being able to livestream soccer with the Veo camera means you need a strong and steady internet connection at the field and the Solis Lite has helped us with that when we travel. When you always play in the same city you can rely on the WiFi at your sports complex or the hotspot you use in everyday life around town.

However, when you’re traveling to soccer fields around the country you don’t always know what the service will be like at a sports complex until you get there. If you want to rent a Veo camera from us and livestream your games we wanted to be able to send you along a hotspot that we knew would give you a good internet connection no matter where you were playing. The Solis Lite has a two features that make that easier for you.

Solis SignalScan

The first is something they call SignalScan that lets you switch between different internet carriers. So for example, if you setup your camera on the sideline and try to livestream but the signal is weak you can use SignalScan in the Solis app to try out an internet connection from the carriers in the area.

As you can see in this photo it’s telling me “Your hotspot has successfully connected to a new mobile network”, that was right after it switched over to using T-Mobile.

In this case my carrier options were AT&T,  Verizon, and T-Mobile and I used the scan  function to switch between them to try out the speed on each. You can see the “SignalScan” button in the photo as well, after I tested out the stream on one carrier I tap the button and wait for it to switch to the next one, say AT&T, and then test the speed there as well.

After using it a while I just started livestreaming soccer games with the first carrier it started up with and would only switch to a different one if the connection seemed slow or laggy.

We’ve also sent the hotspot to teams in Mexico and Canada. The carriers the teams could choose from were different but the app still works the same way.

Solis Data Plan

The second thing that makes it easier to livestream sports around the country is the Solis data plan options. You can get a regular subscription for your mobile hotspot or you can also do pay as you go.  If you rent a Veo camera from us for a week out of the month we don’t need a monthly data subscription for the hotspot.

We do use a monthly subscription for some of our cameras that are streaming most weekends but in the case of camera rentals we need data on demand, not every weekend. You can see in the photo it shows how much data we’ve used so far. If it’s a busy month and we’re livestreaming a lot of games then we can just add more data.

If we have the choice we upload the games over hotel wi-fi rather than using the Solis so we don’t use up data but in some cases that doesn’t work out so we have to upload recorded games over the hotspot as well.

One thing to note is that if you’re streaming games outside of the U.S. you’ll want to get a North America or Global data plan.

Solis Lite

As you can see here the Solis Lite hotspot is a good size for travel. Much smaller than the camera we actually set it on top of the Veo camera in this photo as we livestreamed basketball from the sideline. Typically when we stream soccer we put the hotspot in a small waterproof bag hanging off the tripod just below the camera.

It supports multiple devices but we’ve never tried to livestream off the Solis with more than 2 cameras  at once. Since it’s 4G I would worry that trying to livestream too many games might impact performance. Solis has come out with a 5G hotspot but it’s considerably more and it’s a larger device so for now we’re using the Solis Lite.

Solis 5G

The new Solis 5G hotspot does also include a powerbank which could be interesting for camera owners. We’ll try it out and see what we think. Having the powerbank included does increase the size of the hotspot and the price is about double but it will be interesting to see if the livestream is a lot different on 5G.

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