Veo Camera Monopod for Stadium & Bleachers

If you need a Veo camera monopod that you can use in the bleachers for basketball games, high school soccer games, hockey games, or anytime you’re sitting in a stadium or bleachers then this is a good tripod alternative. The locking feet and adjustable height make it a good portable option for recording games on the go (works for Veo 1 and Veo 2 cameras)



This Veo camera monopod works well if you’re sitting in a stadium or bleachers watching a game and you want to record with your camera from where you’re sitting. Whether it’s high school soccer, basketball bleachers, a hockey rink, or a football stadium you can use this monopod to hold your Veo camera steady while it records.

Sometimes you’re not able to put up a tripod by the field or in the pressbox but you have your Veo camera along and want to record. This happens sometimes in high school soccer when you’re playing away games and the other team won’t allow you to setup your camera on the sideline.

Or if you’re watching a sport with tight spaces on the sideline, for example a middle school or high school gym without much area on the side of the basketball court to put up a tripod.

There’s a range of Monopods that you can order but we’ve found this one to be a good fit. The cheapest ones don’t have feet so you don’t have a good way to stabilize the monopod and you have to support the camera by hand the whole game. Two things happen, one is that your arm gets tired and the other is that the footage can be shaky.

We like this monopod because we lock the base and rest it on the floor of the bleacher. Then we put our feet on top of the monopod to hold it steady and we can watch the game without having to hold the stand steady. Having a telescoping monopod that locks easily is nice so you can adjust to the right height, if you do have a chance to stand up for while in a better location in the bleachers and record then you can extend the height of the monopod.

Mounting Your Veo Camera on the Monopod

You have two options for attaching your camera to the top of the monopd, get an adaptor to thread the camera on top of the monopod or you can attach a quick release plate and snap your camera into that. These options will work with both the Veo 1 and Veo 2

Monopod Adaptor

You can screw this tripod adaptor on top of the monopod and then thread it right into the bottom of your veo camera. I like that adaptor set I shared above because it has the 3/8 to 1/4 adaptor you need for the top of the tripod but it also comes with a 1/4 to 3/8 you can keep in your camera case just in case.

Quick Release Plate

Your other option is to thread this quick release plate set on top of the monopad. Then the plate screws into the 1/4 bottom of the camera and you can then snap the camera easily in and out. This is the way that I prefer to do it and how it’s shown in the picture of the Veo camera in the stands.

We don’t carry this monopod or adaptors but you can find it on Amazon, where we also order it from. As an Amazon Associate this site earns a commission on qualifying purchases.

You can read more about this monopod and other adaptors for your Veo camera in our Veo Camera Rookie Guide.


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