Portable Veo Camera Tripod – Manfrotto Alternative

For a portable Veo camera tripod that’s smaller and cheaper than the Manfrotto 12 ft this tripod is a good option that you can have shipped to you quickly.

This is a great tripod if you’re going to be flying with your camera – easier to take on the plane, fit into your rental car, and haul around to games. Some airlines may allow you to carry on this tripod.



This Veo camera tripod is another option for recording soccer games. The Manfrotto tripods are good quality and sturdy but they do cost a lot more and they’re heavy for travel. This one is made by Meking and goes up 15 ft high.  Last year we shared about a portable Veo tripod that we’ve used with hundreds of teams and here is another Manfrotto alternative.

The main difference between the Meking tripod vs the Impact tripod is that the Meking goes up to 15 ft and the Impact gets your soccer camera up 13 ft. As you can see in the comparison photo below, the Impact has 3 segments and the Meking has 4 so it can get you up an additional 2 feet.

Impact Left, Meking Right

In addition the Meking MZ has air cushioned segments. The nice thing about the air cushioning is that your camera won’t suddenly drop down when you loosen the knob. However, the downside it takes longer to collapse your tripod. If you’re in a hurry to get from one field to the next it can be frustrating waiting for the air cushioned segments to collapse. I’m accustomed to tripods that don’t have air cushioning so I prefer not having it.

Impact Left, Meking Right

However, I do remember a game where a Manfrotto tripod wasn’t securely tightened and the top segment dropped, which caused the 2nd segment to drop (also not tightly fastened). The chain reaction caused the camera to drop suddenly which probably wasn’t good for it. So air cushioned tripods do come in handy when you forget to tighten the knob all the way.

The Meking 15 ft is more expensive than the Impact tripod. You can order them both on Amazon and a few other sites online. The Meking price is usually cheapest on Amazon but it’s always been more expensive than the Impact.

We have a few of the Meking tripods ourselves. We order them and have them shipped to our hotel or soccer facility. One nice feature is that this tripod collapses down smaller than the metal Manfrotto so it will fit in your trunk for travel.

Meking 13 ft vs Manfrotto Tripod

The Meking goes up higher than the shorter 12 ft Manfrotto tripod sold by Veo but the downside is that it’s not as sturdy. The Manfrotto stand is all metal and this one is a combination of metal and plastic components. The legs are made of a lighter metal than the Manfrotto and bend more easily if something heavy falls on them, which can happen as you’r loading/unloading and hauling to the field all season long.

While the Meking might not be as sturdy it does mean it’s more convenient since it lighter and smaller. One thing to keep in mind is that you should always put sandbags on your Veo stand to keep the camera from tipping over. This is even more important for the Meking tripod than the Manfrotto – since it doesn’t weigh as much so it’s easier to blow over in the wind or to be knocked over by a loose ball or scrambling player/coach.

We don’t carry this item but you can find it on Amazon, where we also order it from. As an Amazon Associate this site earns a commission on qualifying purchases.

You can read more about this item and other adaptors for your Veo camera in our Veo Camera Rookie Guide.


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