Veo Camera Livestream Speaker for Play by Play

For a soccer livestream speaker that’s waterproof, durable for soccer travel, and a battery good for tournament weekends this JBL bluetooth speaker is a good option with minimal setup.

Play by play on Veo livestream or game commentary on Hudl, Trace, Pixellot, Reeplayer, or other AI sports cameras is pretty simple once you get this speaker and install an app on your phone (see video below)



JBL Speaker

This soccer livestream speaker comes in handy when you want to do live play by play commentary on your game. Or if you are recording soccer games with Veo, Trace, Hudl, or Pixellot and want to add commentary to your footage this bluetooth speaker from JBL does a great job.

In the video below I show how you can use this speaker and an iPhone app to record soccer commentary on top of games recorded by your AI camera. I like this JBL for a few reasons:

  • Waterproof, you can record game commentary in the rain.
  • Clip on top makes it easy to wrap a velcro strap around the tripod right below the camera.
  • Tournament ready. With 10 hours of battery you can do play by play all weekend w/out recharge
  • Sturdy, well built to withstand flying/driving and soccer travel.

Soccer Livestream Speaker w/Veo Camera

The one downside is that it’s not a tiny speaker, I do wish it was a little smaller so I could more easily fit into the camera travel case. The volume level on the speaker isn’t of top importance since you’re connecting it right below the camera and you don’t want to broadcast your commentary to the whole field.  You do want quality sound and this JBL has good audio but if you need something that will fit into your camera case this speaker isn’t tiny. I looked at the JBL Go vs the JBL Clip but it wasn’t much smaller.  If you have suggestions for a smaller speaker that’s also waterproof, has a clip/loop, and equivalent battery life please let me know.

One thing you don’t want to forget is to turn on the speaker before you raise the tripod and start recording. Not a big deal if you do but if you had the camera at the perfect height for that field/game and then have to lower it to turn on the speaker that’s a pain. Also, as I mention in the video don’t forget that you’re broadcasting from your phone and walk into the restroom right before the game starts!

The video shows you the app you can use (there a few of them) and the steps to using the speaker to do soccer game play by play commentary. One thing you might look into if you’re going to be doing a lot of soccer commentary is a lapel mic like the one shown here. That way you can clip it to your shirt, or even hold it in your hand, without having to hold your phone up the whole game.

The other thing I mention in the video is that it’s easy to switch from commentary to game opinion over the course of the game so it might be a good idea to do some game commentary training beforehand. Also, prepare your game intro ahead of time so it’s clear and concise and you’re not rambling on and on. Once you say it, you can’t go back and delete it other than making the whole livestream private.

The speaker isn’t cheap but I got the JBL on sale during one of the Amazon prime days.  As an Amazon Associate this site earns a commission on qualifying purchases. You could keep an eye on the speaker for discounts during Black friday or other sales.

You can read more about livestreaming soccer, this speaker, and gadgets for your Veo camera in our Veo Camera Rookie Guide.


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