Veo Camera Tripod Bag – Padded Travel Bag

This Veo camera tripod bag is padded to protect your tripod, has carry handles so you can throw it over your shoulder, straps so you can cinch it up when flying, and comes in two sizes so you can use it for your 12ft Manfrotto tripod or your 23ft tripod as well. We’ve used it to fly to Orlando, Phoenix, Las Vegas and our tripod has made through the airport and to the soccer complex each time. It doesn’t offer as much protection as the tripod travel case but it’s cheaper and lighter.



As you can see in the photo, the Athletico bag can be used to hold varying sizes of tripods. In this case it’s a 15 ft tripod that collapses down to 45 inches and we folded the bag over and cinched it. In that case the bag can fit in the trunk of a sedan.

If you use the full length of the bag to carry a 23 ft Manfrotto tripod then it will be too long to fit into a trunk and you’ll need a mini-van, SUV, or truck to haul the tripod bag.

The Athletico bag comes in two sizes:

  • 185 cm
  • 170 cm

We ordered the larger bag so we can carry smaller and larger tripods in the travel bag. If the tripod is much smaller than the bag what we do is fold the extra length over and under the strap.

You can use this travel bag for flights in the United States and also on international flights. When you check your bag they’ll tell you that they’re responsible for lost but not damaged items. So if you’re worried about your tripod being broken you could also try a Veo camera tripod travel case.


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