Veo Camera Portable Battery Charger

Charging your Veo camera on the field or in your car is easy with this portable battery for your soccer camera. We share a video below on how we use this battery to charge our camera in between games.



If you have more games to record than you have battery left then this portable battery charger will come in handy.

We use it when we have multiple games back to back and the camera is running low on battery. In between games we plug the Veo camera into the battery to help recharge the camera to get ready for the next match.

You aren’t able to charge while the Veo 1 camera is recording but the Veo 2 camera will have the ability to charge and record at the same time. In that case you’ll want a long extension cord so you can have the camera on top of the tripod and the portable battery down on the ground.

This battery also comes with a car charger, in addition to the wall charger, so you can recharge the battery from your van, truck, or car in the parking lot during a game.

Here is video that shows you how to recharge your Veo camera at the field using this Halo Bolt battery


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