Veo Camera 2 Portable Battery Charger

Charging your Veo camera on the field or on your tripod is easy with this power bank for your soccer camera. We use this battery to charge our camera in between games or during the match to get enough juice to finish recording or streaming.



Now that you can record while charging the Veo camera, this Blade by Baseus is a good option for extending the battery life of your camera to do more recording or livestreaming.

Due to it’s slimmer size you can actually charge the camera on top of the tripod with this portable batter. Be sure to secure the plug coming out of the back of the camera to the tripod so the weight of the power bank doesn’t pull down on the camera charging port. You’ll also want to secure the power bank to the tripod so it doesn’t bang in the wind and/or come unplugged.

As you can see in the photo there are actually 2 USB-c ports on the Blade. So you can charge one camera on top of the tripod or alternatively two cameras down on the ground.

The Blade also has a digital read out so you can see how much power is left in the battery and also about how long it will take to fully charge the device it’s plugged into.

We use this battery pack when we have multiple games back to back and the camera is running low on battery. In between games we plug the Veo camera into the battery to help recharge the camera to get ready for the next match.

You can find one for your team here.


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