Veo Camera Manfrotto Tripod Alternative – Impact 13 ft

If you need a Veo camera tripod that’s smaller/more portable than the Manfrotto 12 ft or if your tripod is damaged and you need a quick replacement this tripod is a good option (be sure to use it with sandbags) that you can have shipped to you quickly.



This Veo camera tripod alternative is a generic version, not made by Manfrotto. It’s made by Impact and it goes up 13 ft. There is a sturdier, more expensive Manfrotto 12 ft stand we’ve used but this generic version is considerably cheaper and more portable.

We’ve worked with over a hundred teams who rent our soccer cameras and they order this tripod and have it shipped to their home, hotel, or soccer facility. One nice feature is that is collapses down smaller than the metal Manfrotto so it will fit in your trunk, as you can see in the photo.

Impact 13 ft vs Manfrotto Tripod

The Impact goes up as high as the shorter Manfrotto tripod sold by Veo but the downside is that it’s not as sturdy. The Manfrotto stand is all metal and this one is a combination of metal and plastic components. The legs are made of a lighter metal than the Manfrotto and bend more easily if something heavy falls on them (like an over 40 soccer dad).

This means that your tripod might not last as long but it is more convenient to get to the field and back and it’s also cheaper. One thing to keep in mind is that you should always put sandbags on your Veo stand to keep the camera from tipping over. This is even more important for the Impact tripod because it doesn’t weigh as much so it’s easier to blow over in the wind or to be knocked over by a loose ball or scrambling player/coach.

We don’t carry this item but you can find it on Amazon, where we also order it from. As an Amazon Associate this site earns a commission on qualifying purchases.

You can read more about this item and other adaptors for your Veo camera in our Veo Camera Rookie Guide.


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