Veo Camera Tracker

After leaving our Veo camera at the field we bought these AirTags to put into the camera case to keep track of our camera.



Losing your Veo camera means that you’ll miss out on recording important games for your player and team, not too mention the expense of replacing your camera.

One late tournament night we loaded the kids into the van after a game, and once we arrived home realized we didn’t have our camera with us. On the panicked drive back to the field, I decided I would find something that weekend to help me keep track of our Veo camera.

Later that night I ordered a set of 4 AirTags and haven’t had to worry about losing a Veo camera since they arrived. You can watch this video to see how we use the Apple AirTag to keep track of our soccer cameras.

We have a lot of cameras so when we buy the Apple AirTag we buy a set of 4 because you save money purchasing multiple at once.

However, you can also buy individual AirTags if you just need to track one camera.


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