Veo Camera Quick Release Adaptor Generic

If your Veo camera quick release plate adaptor breaks or you lose it then you won’t be able to mount your camera on top of your tripod. You can order this quick release plate adaptor as a replacement.



This Veo camera quick release plate adaptor is a generic version, not made by Manfrotto. There is a sturdier, more expensive Manfrotto version we’ve used as well but this generic version is considerably cheaper.

One reason we’re looking for cheaper replacements is that teams who rent our Veo cameras can lose the quick release plate. As you can see from the photo we’ve tested out a few different quick release plate replacements.  When we’re ordering several replacements that might end up getting lost again we tend more towards ordering a cheaper option.

If it’s for your camera and you plan to have it for a while the Manfrotto might be a good option but for the price you can almost buy two generic ones for the price of the Manfrotto. One thing to keep in mind is that on Amazon they sometimes sell the quick release adaptor and plate seperately so pay attention when your order whether you’re getting the adaptor, the plate, or both.

One thing you might not realize is that you can thread a 3/8″ tripod right into the bottom of the camera if you remove the plate, good to know if your quick release plate adaptor is lost or broken and you’re in a pinch.

We don’t carry this item but you can find it on Amazon, where we also order it from. As an Amazon Associate this site earns a commission on qualifying purchases.

You can read more about this item and other adaptors for your Veo camera in our Veo Camera Rookie Guide.


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