Veo Camera Tripod Travel Case 12 ft

This Veo camera tripod case has a handle and wheels for hauling your 12 ft Manfrotto tripod to the soccer complex and through the airport. The outer shell protects the tripod if you check it on the plane. Your tripod fits into the wheeled bottom portion and then you slide the upper section with the pull handle over your tripod – securing the tripod in with a TSA approved locking pin.



As you can see in the photo, this SportTube series 1 case that we use to carry the 12 ft Manfrotto tripod on planes and to/from soccer fields is smaller than the series 2 SportTube travel case that we use to transport the Manfrotto 23 ft tripod.

It has the same nice features as the Veo camera tripod case for the 23 ft tripod but has smaller dimensions and a smaller price tag as well.

The wheels make it easy to roll your tripod down the airport terminal and the pull handle gives you a good grip to navigate the crowds. Or if you’re hauling the tripod from the car to the field, making it up and down hills to the pitch isn’t so bad with this SportTube case.

The 12 ft Manfrotto is all metal, not light to carry and bulkier than the Manfrotto alternative travel tripod. However the sturdy steel tripod comes in handy on windy days or when players/balls are running into your camera.  You can use this travel case for flights in the United States and also on international flights. If you want to bring along a sturdy tripod and you have to fly to your destination then this Veo camera tripod case helps get it there safely.

Some teams use this case to take the tripod to the field and back every weekend. We mostly use it when we travel and fly with the tripod but you can certainly just store your tripod in the case in the garage/basement when you’re not using it and roll it out on the weekend for games.

Here’s a video that shows you a little more about the Veo camera tripod travel cases:



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