Veo Camera Tripod Tilt Ballhead Mount

If you need a Veo camera tilt mount that you can use when you need to tilt the camera for a better recording angle then this is a good and cheap tripod tilt option. The large knob makes it easy to tighten & loosen and quickly adjust and re-tighten the mount as you adjust the camera to capture the field.

The 360 degree capability of the ballhead mount means it’s easy to move and adjust to the camera to catch any angle from the sideline (works for Veo 1 and Veo 2 cameras).



This Veo camera tilt mount works well if you have to record soccer right on the sideline with a 12 ft tripod or if you have a 23 ft tripod and you can’t scoot back very far from the sideline.

It can also be helpful if you’re up high in a pressbox and want to angle the camera down to catch less of the horizon and more of the field.

Or if you’re watching a sport with tight spaces on the sideline, for example a middle school or high school gym without much area on the side of the basketball court to put up a tripod.

We’ve been testing a number of tilt mounts. As you can see from the photo in our Amazon prime order some have been angle tilts and some have been ball head. The angle tilt is interesting because you really only need to tilt up and down, not side to side.

However, if you’re in a hurry with a ball head mount you could record skewed at an angle. This has happened to us in the past, even though I thought I had checked the preview the final recording came out on a slight slant because I had the camera titled to the side.

Unfortunately, the angle tilt mounts we’ve tested so far have been time consuming to setup to get the right angle. This mount is nice because it’s simple, just one knob to tighten and loosen.

Mounting Your Veo Camera on the Tilt Mount

This mount has a 1/4 thread which does screw right into the bottom of the camera. If you want to use it with a quick release (which is a good idea) you’ll need an adapter like this tripod adaptor .  You put that on top of the tilt mount and the other end has a 3/8 thread, which screws into the bottom of your quick release plate set . This mount will work with both the Veo 1 and Veo 2

This adaptor set I shared above has the 1/4 to 3/8 adaptor you need for the top of the ballhead but it also comes with a 3/8 to 1/4 you can keep in your camera case just in case.

We don’t carry this ballhead mount or adaptors but you can find them on Amazon, where we also order it from. As an Amazon Associate this site earns a commission on qualifying purchases.

You can read more about this titl mount and other adaptors for your Veo camera in our Veo Camera Rookie Guide.


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