The Veo camera 2 introduced the USB-C port for charging and also uploading video. There are two Veo camera accessories on sale as part of the Prime day deal that you should check out if your team has a Veo 2 camera.

The best deal so far is this portable battery charger for Veo camera 2. When I recorded US Club soccer nationals, this is what the Veo crew there recommended so I bought one right away. It’s nice because you can charge two cameras at once and it has a digital display that lets you know how much charge there is and also when you’re charging, how much of the battery is left to charge up your Veo camera.

It’s on a lightning deal right now – as an Amazon affiliate if you order through our links then we get a commission on your order since we helped you find and save money on the deal.

Soccer Game Uploads

When the Veo camera 2 shipped at first it didn’t support Wi-Fi uploading so it shipped with a USB-C to Ethernet adapter. Now that the sports camera supports Wi-Fi for streaming and uploading Veo doesn’t include the adapter. However, I would recommend getting one because it’s a faster for your game to upload over Ethernet than wirelessly. Especially if you recorded during a tournament weekend and have 5-6 games to upload.

We have this USB-C to ethernet adapter and it’s also on sale for the Prime deal. I actually prefer this Belkin adapter because it lets you charge and upload at the same time but it’s not on sale right now.


Game Casting

Something else the Veo 2 introduced was the ability to livestream your games. At some point I imagine you’ll be able to stream them to YouTube, Facebook, or other platforms but right now you watch the livestream in the Veo Live app. One simple way to watch the livestream on the big screen, rather than your phone or iPad, is by using a mirroring cable to show your phone on the TV.

You can also cast it with AirPlay or Chromecast but using a wired connection cuts out the wireless element. Especially if you’re on the road in the hotel and you don’t have a good network to connect to or you can’t connect to the TV. If you have a mirroring cable you can just pull up the game on Veo Live and mirror it to your TV.

We did that for an away tournament, the night after the game we gathered in the lobby and watched it back on Veo Live with an HDMI mirroring cable. This Lightning to HDMI Mirroring cable is on sale as a Prime deal.

Tripod Spigot

If you have a tripod that uses a spigot then this Neewer spigot is also on sale today for the Prime deal. If you have the Manfrotto tripod you won’t need this but if you have the Impact tripod that our rental cameras use or another version that uses the spigot it’s a good idea to buy an extra.

The spigot is cool because it gives you both 1/4 and 3/8 sizes in one. It has one thread on each end and you can just flip it around depending on which side you need. I’ve actually used it quite a bit as we evaluate other camera systems and look for the best soccer cameras and run into ones that don’t use the quick release plate like Veo does. It’s not very expensive but if you’re just buying a backup or replacement it’s nice to save money.

Coach Gift Ideas

When you’re around the holidays or the end of the season parents reach out and ask us about good soccer coach gifts. The portable charging battery would be a good one for any team that has a Veo 2 camera. It’s frustrating when you load the camera into the car before the game and realize the battery is dead. Having a portable charger would come in really handy for any soccer coach that uses the Veo to record.

It also has USB ports as well so a coach could also use it to charge up their phone on the sideline. As technology creeps its way into coaching with cameras, and trackers, and apps having a good portable battery charger is a good addition to a coach’s toolkit. With National Coaches day this month these sales are a good time to pickup some coaches gifts.

If you’re looking for other coach gift ideas we cover all these accessories and more in our Veo Camera review under the accessories section.