As we’ve been looking at the best soccer cameras we haven’t spent much time on cost comparison yet but overall if you’re going to use a soccer recording system it isn’t cheap. One of the common questions we get “is the Veo camera worth the money”?

This has a lot to do with your team(s) and how you’re using the camera and the footage you record. You’ll hear comments on the sideline about how it’s crazy to spend that much on youth sports and then the next parent walking by will ask how the camera works and how they can get one for their team.

Big Talent, Small Budget

One of the groups of people that we’ve been talking to the last few years are teams that have talented players and have potential but the camera just isn’t in the budget. For many teams it’s not a question of whether its worth the money, it’s just not an option. They have good players that need footage for coaching or highlights and it’s something that coaches have pointed out to me over the phone or over email as we talk about how the camera works and what it would cost a team to rent or to buy.

I’ve been thinking about how to get cameras in the hands of teams that could use them and as we sit a few weeks out from the World Cup I realized a tournament bracket would be one way to work with those teams.

World Cup Contest

So starting today we’re accepting applications for a World Cup soccer highlight tournament. You can enter your team for a chance to win a soccer camera rental and if you nominate a team and they win a camera rental you do as well.

The idea behind the nominations is to think of local teams & clubs that you’ve seen on the field that have strong potential but don’t have the budget for a soccer camera.  The only thing you need to submit is their email. There are other fields you can share as well, the more info that you share on your team or nominated teams, the better.

We had to add a clause for that one soccer coach/parent who reads all 15 pages of the tournament rules to find all the details and loopholes (you know who you are). You can nominate as many teams as you’d like but the most you can win is one camera rental. So if you nominate 50 teams and 2 of them win, you still win one camera rental.

You can find all the details and enter on the soccer camera highlight contest page. In addition to nominating other teams for the contest you can enter your team as well. That page has a Demo bracket, details on how to enter and how to win, a list of frequently asked questions, and the form where you can apply.