Veo camera discounts come along occasionally and this week is a good time to save a little money on the Veo soccer game. Veo was in the U.S. last week for the United Soccer Coaches convention showing teams their soccer camera. A year ago that’s where I met Henrik, the co-founder of the company, and put in an order for our first ai camera.

I just saw that as a follow up to the convention Veo is running a promotion this week that gives you $100 off the camera when you use this camera discount link and enter code USCC.

Veo has done a lot over the last year since I met them in Chicago. They started shipping to the U.S., revamped their soccer video site where you review and share the soccer video highlights, and pushed multiple firmware updates to the camera to improve the soccer game recordings.

Even though their customer support is in a different time zone I’ve been impressed with their response time when I run into issues. The company as a whole has been really receptive to our suggestions for improvement, which is cool since we offer lots of ideas! They don’t use them all but it’s neat to see some of our suggestions implemented in their new site.  Overall, it’s been a good year for soccer video for our teams. We’ve recorded lots of games and spent many hours reviewing the video and sharing it with players.  We’re grateful to Veo for making the soccer video experience easier and are glad they’re celebrating a year of being in the U.S. with this camera promotion.

The sale ends on 1/31. To get the Veo camera discount you use this camera discount link and enter code USCC in your cart for $100 off the camera.