This Veo 2 camera tutorial is for the soccer dads, moms, managers, and coaches who are using your Veo 2 camera for the first time. We know how it feels, you walk to the sideline to setup your soccer camera in front of all the fans. Hopefully this veo camera review of features will prepare you for the first game. Just as our players practice to get ready for the match, this soccer camera tutorial is your chance to prepare to record soccer games.

For example, I was setting up a camera at a showcase game and the volunteer taking down the Veo from the game before had obviously never collapsed the 23 ft tripod. After seeing him struggle briefly I interrupted and showed him the trick to folding it up.

As he smiled sheepishly I texted him the link to this video and warned him it was about 20 minutes long. After that I took the time to add a menu in the video description to all the things it covers. I’ve added links below to each section of the video, it covers frequently asked questions we get from teams, coaches, and parents.

Veo Camera Tripod

If you have Veo camera tripod questions this section should help. Some of these are pretty simple once you’ve done them a few times but the first week you might have a lot of questions:

Setting Up Your Tripod
Attaching Veo Camera to Tripod
Removing Veo Camera from Tripod
Veo Tripod Tips
How to Fold Up the Veo Tripod

Veo Camera Setup

Once you have the tripod figured out, this section of the video shows you how to turn on and setup your camera and add it into the Veo camera app.

Setting Up Your Camera
Powering on Your Camera
Adding Camera in Veo App
Adding Veo Manually

Veo Camera App

You use the Veo camera app to control the camera. This section of the video shows you how to connect to your camera, see the camera preview, setup your Wi-Fi connection. It also shows you how to register your Veo camera in your app if it’s not registered yet.

Connecting to Your Veo Camera
Adding Wi-Fi Connection to Veo
Veo Camera Firmware Version
Veo Camera Preview
Register Your Veo Camera

Veo Camera Recording

Once the camera is on and connected and on the tripod this section demonstrates how to start recording your game, how to manage your recordings, and how to upload the games.

Start Recording With Veo Camera
Managing Veo Camera Recordings
Pausing Veo Upload
Veo App Connection

Veo Camera and Wind

Protecting your camera is an important step when you’re setting up. Here you can see how to secure your camera/tripod and use the Veo wind kit.

Securing the Veo Camera Tripod
Veo Camera Windkit
Wind Kit Tip

Where to Setup Veo Camera

One question we get a lot is where to setup your Veo camera. The answer is that it’s pretty flexible, you can put it most places along the sideline and it will record your game. This section of the video shows you where to position your camera and what to think about in terms of where the sun is compared to the camera.

Recording into the Sun
Where to Setup Your Veo on Sideline

Veo Camera Stream & Charge

You can livestream and charge from the top of your tripod. This section shows how we stream and charge during the game from over 20 ft up.

Veo Camera Hotspot Livestream
Veo Camera Charge While Recording


One reason I made this video is that I’ve been promising the parents and coaches who order our Veo Camera Rookie guide an update for the newer camera.

When I drove my daughter to referee some games there was an empty field so I setup the Veo and recorded what I thought new camera owners like you might want to see about the camera (please excuse the cheering and coaching in the background, the fields next to us were full of soccer games going on).

A written guide is helpful but some of the things are just much easier to show in a video than to explain in a guide, kind of like soccer. If you try and explain a certain moment in a game to your player and what they could have done differently they probably give you a blank stare OR nod and pretend to know what you’re talking about.

But if you recorded the game you can pull up that moment on your phone and show them what they could do differently next time. So hopefully this Veo camera tutorial helps as you get to know your camera and get ready to record your first games.

If you have questions not covered here I can make another tutorial video, just email me ( ) or give us a call – 816-398-8846