If you have a Veo camera for sale this will walk you through the steps we’ve used to help a used Veo camera find a good home!

For a while buying a used Veo camera was hard because teams and clubs were still using their Veo Camera 1 and it was tough to get your hands on a new one. Now that Veo is starting to roll out newer versions of the soccer camera there’s more interest in parents or teams wanting to sell their camera in order to upgrade.

Teams have a little more apprehension about selling a Veo, or about buying a used Veo, because there’s the subscription question. Unlike a camcorder, a soccer camera system has the AI service and hosting (and now live-streaming service) that raises more questions from coaches or parents who are wanting to sell their camera.

It’s actually a pretty straight forward process, we’ve done it several times. We’re helping to connect teams that want to buy and sell a Veo camera. If you’d like to sell your Veo camera you can list your camera for sale and if you’re wanting to buy a used Veo you can specify what you need. You can find both forms here – sell your Veo.

Selling a Veo Camera

We haven’t sold our cameras but we’ve been on the other end as we ended up buying used Veo cameras. We’ll walk you through the process and the things to consider.

Finding a Buyer

As we mentioned earlier, you can list yours for sale in our directory for no charge. We basically ask about where you’re located and your camera. We don’t ask for pricing info, you can discuss that with potential buyers. The goal of the directory is to connect teams that need a camera with ones that are selling a camera. There are no fees and we don’t get involved in the transaction, just help connect teams.

However, your best option is your local soccer network. Local is best for a few reasons:

  • You can meet the person and exchange cash for the camera
  • Buyer can test the camera before they pay you for it
  • You don’t have to ship the camera
  • Easier to sell/buy a bulky tripod

That’s not to say you have to sell locally. We purchased a camera here locally and also from a team on the other side of the country so either can work.

Local Option
Another nice thing about a local camera is you could make an agreement that they’d let you use it occasionally if you need it. It depends on why you’re selling. If you’re upgrading to a new camera it wouldn’t apply but some teams sell their camera because they don’t use it enough for the subscription costs. If you’d like to have access to one still you could give them a price break in exchange for being able to use it now and then. Or maybe they agree to rent it to you for a reasonable rate on weekends they’re not using it.

If you don’t know anyone locally you could try posting on Facebook or Twitter or reaching out to area clubs. You might have more luck contacting a director of coaching than a coach since they might be looking for it at a club level.

Honestly, a great way to get it in front of interested soccer families is to just record games at a soccer complex and have a “for sale” sign on it while you record. Yesterday we were recording and had 3 different people come up and ask about the camera. Most folks probably aren’t ready to buy right away but if you mention you want to sell it they could be interested.

If you don’t want to mess with any of that just put your info here and we’ll help find you a team that needs it.

Camera for Sale


Pricing Your Veo Camera

There are a few things to consider when setting a price for your camera:

  • Camera Cost
  • Camera Age/Condition
  • Plan Cost
  • Camera Accessories

Camera Cost

Pricing is a little tricky because the price that teams pay for a camera has shifted over time. For example, if you bought one early on you paid over $1K for the camera but less for the plan. If you bought later on then you paid $800 for the Veo camera.

Of course the cost of a new camera has changed so that impacts your buyer. If you paid $800 for a Veo camera 1 and now a team can buy a new one for $700 it will be hard to ask them to buy a used Veo for $750.

Camera Age/Condition

Honestly, most of our cameras work just as well today as they did when you unboxed them 2 years ago. So the age of the camera isn’t as important as the condition of the camera. Here are the things to consider when accounting for condition (and to ask about if you’re buying a camera)

Battery Life

Does the battery still hold a good charge? Fully charged, how many hours can a camera record? As an owner this is actually hard to say because I almost never run mine all the way down. After each game I plug it back into power so it’s always charged up.

What you could do is just start recording and let it record until the power dies, then upload the footage and see how many hours it captured.

Camera Lens

The camera lens is where we’ve had the biggest issue with our Veo units. Not scratching or damaging the outside of the lens but we have had lenses that start giving a blurry image on the left or right view. I don’t know exactly what causes it but when it happens we work with Veo to get the lens replaced.

If I was buying a Veo, I’d ask the seller to record some footage and then share it with me to review first. We didn’t do that with the first Veo we bought because it was local or the 2nd Veo we bought (which was foolish but luckily no issues). By the 3rd one we had it figured out and had the owner send us a video they made the day before. (One from a month ago isn’t great because you want to make sure it still works).

You will have teams that haven’t used their camera for games in weeks or months but I’d still ask them to turn it on and record in their living room or backyard just for a current recording. It’s good to have them do it during the day with full natural light because the shading can be strange inside or outside in low light conditions.


Double check that the power and Ethernet ports work. The newer Veo camera will only have 1 port I believe but the current models have a power port and an internet port.

Camera Accessories

Be sure the seller is going to include the charging cable and quick release plate. You can always buy replacements but ideally you’ll have them included. We cover the replacement options in our Veo Camera Rookie Guide.

You definitely want the buyer to ship it in the pelican carry case because it helps protect the camera during shipping and you’ll want it to transport the camera back and forth to games.


The tripod is another big question. We had one team who wouldn’t sell without including the tripod because they just wanted to clear it out of their garage. We didn’t need the tripod but did need the camera so agreed to buy the tripod if they’d pay for the shipping. Shipping the camera isn’t expensive but the weight and dimensions of the tripod make it more expensive to ship. That being said, if you can buy a used Manfrotto 12ft or 23ft in good condition at a big enough discount then it’s probably worth the money. You can buy them online, they won’t come with sandbags or a tether kit but if you’re only able to buy the camera then you’ll still be able to buy your own tripod.

For example, if a team is upgrading to Veo 2 they probably want to keep their tripod since it’s compatible. In that case you can buy the Veo camera 1 and order your own tripod online. We cover the tripod options in the Veo Camera Rookie Guide.

Camera Plan Cost

When we purchased a used Veo camera we had 2 scenarios. In some cases the owner had an annual plan with a lot of time left on it and in one case the subscription had expired. How you price the camera will depend on the state of your camera subscription.

Camera Subscription Life

If you have a substantial amount of time left on your camera plan then you can offer the camera for sale along with the subscription and price that in. You can either look at what you paid per month for your plan, or what a current plan would cost per month, and multiply that times the number of months remaining.

**Buyers pay attention to the level of the plan. For example, if you’re buying a camera that had a Family plan but you need a Team plan I would only offer to pay for the camera. You’re going to have to subscribe to the Team plan so the Family plan won’t meet your needs. I know an individual owner can upgrade their plan but I wouldn’t count on being able to upgrade someone else’s subscription part way through after you buy the camera. **

You can see what is left on your subscription, and how much a renewal would cost, on your camera page – app.veo.co/cameras

One thing to ask about as a buyer is whether the camera has ever been activated. For example we bought a Veo camera that arrived during the pandemic and wasn’t used once. Your plan begins once you activate the camera, since they hadn’t activated it the camera still had a whole 12 month on the plan. We paid full price for the camera and plan because it hadn’t been used and we could get it faster than waiting 6 weeks for a new camera.

Selling Your Veo Camera

If you’re not selling your camera to someone locally then you’ll need them to feel comfortable trusting you that it works and that you’ll ship it to them after they pay.

Camera Proof

As a seller I asked the buyer to send me a photo of the bottom of the camera with the serial number. As I mentioned earlier, for the last seller then I asked them to record some footage and share it with me so I could review the recording and see that it looked good.

Plan Proof

As a seller you can go into your camera page and take a screen capture of your subscription to share with the buyer. This will also show your camera serial number, which plan you have, and when the subscription expires.

Additionally, after you do a test recording you can share it with the buyer with the “Share Game with Opponent” link on the video. Then they can see the footage and also confirm that you have an active plan. Without the plan you wouldn’t be able to record and upload. If they don’t have a Veo account you could always share it with us and we can add them to our Demo team so they can see it.

Stolen Cameras

One thing to be aware of is that Veo has list of stolen Veo cameras that you want to watch out for. It doesn’t do any good to steal a Veo because you can’t use it without a plan but some folks don’t know that. We were actually part of case where someone stole a Veo and then tried to use it themselves. They found our number and called us for help while the camera was recording. We didn’t realize it was a stolen camera at the time so we stayed on the line and talked for a few minutes. Since the subscription was active, when they plugged it into Ethernet the footage uploaded and there was actually video of the thieves on the phone with us trying to figure out how to access the footage they recorded.

I’m sure the majority of Veo cameras for sale aren’t stolen but it’s something to be aware of when you see a camera listed on eBay or for sale. Make sure you do your due diligence before buying. One thing you could do is ask the seller for a screenshot of their Veo dashboard, that lists all their recent recordings, and shows the most recent one they made to demo for you. This would show that they have access to the account and didn’t just steal the camera out of someone’s car or off a soccer sideline.

If you have any more questions, you can always email us veo@EasySoccerVideo.com with the serial number of the camera you want to buy and we can help you vet it before purchase.

Accepting Payment

The way we handled payment as a buyer was to pay half up front and then the other half once we got the camera and confirmed it was working. We had the seller send us a PayPal invoice with 50% due immediately and 50% due once we had received and tested the camera. Another seller just gave us their Venmo id and we paid them the same way, 50% up front and 50% later.

Selling Services
If they just keep your money and never ship the camera there’s not much you can do in those cases. We made sure we got on the phone with the seller first and talked to them enough that we got an understanding of why they were selling and had a good feeling that they’d send it. Still, it is a risk if you just send the money with no assurance they’ll ship it. You can use a service like escrow.com to help facilitate the sale but it added extra costs that neither the seller or I wanted to pay. You could also use a service like Mercari or eBay that take a smaller fee.

PayPal Note
For one seller, PayPal did put a hold on the payment because they had just opened the account in order to sell the camera. As a buyer I put the purchase on my credit card as opposed to using my PayPal balance just to be safe. The seller shipped the camera the next day and once they put the tracking number into PayPal they released the funds the following day.

Delivery of Camera

Again the local option is the easiest for delivery so you can just meet somewhere to test out the camera and then pay the seller and take it home.

If you’re sending it to another team you can use either FedEx or UPS, we’ve used both. They give you a tracking number and should arrive in 2-4 days. I would recommend not using the Postal service. We did have a team send us a camera vis USPS and it took quite a while to arrive and the tracking wasn’t great. UPS Ground or FedEx Ground should be fine unless they need it in a hurry.

We have sent cameras overnight to teams but it does raise the cost significantly so be aware of that and price it into the shipping. Depending on the location or speed of delivery you might have to pay $100 – 150 to overnight a camera in the U.S.

The insurance you buy through UPS isn’t cheap but if you’re worried about the camera not arriving you might have better peace of mind if you insure it for at least $300 – 400 so if it goes missing you’re not out all the money.

Activating / Transferring Camera

Allow some time in the process for getting the camera available to record for the buyer. Don’t assume that if the camera arrives on a Friday that the new owner will automatically be able to record that day.

Once the buyer receives the camera they can send an email to Veo asking about the Plan. The email will vary depending on the situation. Here is the one we sent when we purchased a new camera with a current subscription:

“I bought a Veo camera from Leo Messi, leo@thegoat.com. He shipped me the camera and I have it now, 41:h2:a9:s2:kj:t5 Can you please transfer the camera into my account, xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.xxx. I attached a photo of the camera and copied Leo on this email as well.”

Be sure to include:
-Serial number of the camera
-Name and email address of the previous owner (make sure it’s the email the owner used to purchase the camera from Veo)
-Your Veo email (the one you use to login to Veo)

I copied the previous owner as well in case Veo had any questions for them. If you’re buying the camera without a subscription then your email would look similar but would ask about creating your own plan:

“I bought a Veo camera from Leo Messi, leo@thegoat.com. He shipped me the camera and I have it now, 41:h2:a9:s2:kj:t5 . I attached a photo of the camera and copied Leo on this email as well. Can you please invoice me for an annual Team plan.”

Of course the plan and duration will vary depending on your needs. In this case once you pay for your plan you’ll get an email with an activation link. Once you activate your camera you’ll be able to record. It used to be you could order just a plan on the website by adding the camera and plan to your cart. Then you could remove the camera and check out to pay for just the plan. I think the site changed once the Veo 2 was released so you have to go through Veo support to purchase just the plan.

Buying and Selling Questions

If you have questions about selling your camera you can shoot us an email, veo@EasySoccerVideo.com, or give us a call 816-398-8846 .

If you want to sell your Veo you can list it here.  If you’re looking to buy a used Veo you can fill out the form below. If you need a camera and can’t get one in time you can always rent one from us to fill the gap. They tend to book up pretty quick so if you need one send us a text or call us to check availablility – call 816-398-8846