Veo Camera for Sale

If you have a Veo camera that isn’t the right fit for your family, team, or club or that you don’t want to keep paying the subscription for you can list it for sale here. ** August 2021  – now we’ve also added a form at the bottom of the page for you if you’re interested in buying a used Veo camera. Teams that have pre-ordered the Veo 2 still won’t have a camera for this coming season so they’re looking to buy one to record until the Veo 2 arrives.  If you are looking to buy a used Veo camera scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form *** 

List Your Camera for Sale

Why are we offering this? We are fans of what Veo has done for soccer video. That’s why we let teams rent our Veo camera for a trial weekend or week, to see if it’s a good fit. However, if you purchased a camera and decide it’s not right for your team then chances are there’s another team who’d like to have it.

Share your camera info below to list your camera for sale. There is no fee for listing your camera for sale, this is just a place to connect teams that are looking to sell or buy a Veo camera.

We know that spending a lot of money on a new camera from an overseas company feels like a risk but we’ve been really happy with what our Veo cameras have provided our team and club. To help make it an easier decision we’ve decided to create this as place that families, teams, or clubs can go to sell their camera if they decide it’s not working out.

A really common question we hear has to do with your options if you decide to stop subscribing to the Veo service. At that point what can you do with your camera if you don’t have their service? Veo recently added seasonal subscriptions, which makes it easier to use just for a season, but if you no longer want your camera we can help connect you with a team that does.

Veo 2 Camera

If you are buying a Veo 2 and want to sell your Veo 1 camera you can add it to our directory using the form below. Please indicate when your camera will be available so we can match you with teams based on their timing needs and your camera availability.

List your camera for Sale

After you submit your camera information above we’ll be in touch about your camera and whether we know any teams that would be interested in buying it form you.

Veo Camera Wanted

As we mentioned above, if you don’t already have a Veo and you pre-ordered the Veo 2 you won’t have a camera for this coming season since the new cameras aren’t shipping yet. If you’re want to buy one a used soccer camera so you can capture footage until the Veo 2 arrives you can enter your information below. We’ll connect you with teams looking to sell a used Veo camera.

Please indicate how soon you need a camera so we can match you with teams selling a camera based on when their camera is available and how quickly you need one.

Seeking Veo Camera 

If you came here looking for a new Veo camera to buy you can see the Veo camera pricing .  If you’d like to try out a camera for a weekend or a week before getting one of your own you can rent a Veo camera , call us if you have questions – 816-398-8846