The Veo camera price is usually the first question teams ask when they call to find out our experience with the soccer camera. “How much does Veo cost” is typically best answered by asking a few questions of the team or family looking to buy a Veo camera.

The number and type of plans offered by Veo has changed over time as the camera has started being used for multiple sports and by a variety of organizations. When we first ordered our initial camera there were only two different plans but that has since expanded to four plan options now that Veo is serving a wider range of team needs.

You can save you $200 on the price of your camera if you decide to order one using our friends and family discount. We’ll send you a Veo discount code which also works for Euros or GBP or your local currency. Just enter your name and email for the Veo discount and you’ll get a custom coupon code that you can use when you checkout on the Veo website. If you have questions, this video shows you how you can save money on your camera or you can always email me or give me a call, 816-398-884, if you run into trouble.

Veo Camera Pricing & Plans

As you can see below some of the first questions we ask when teams call us up are how many teams they need to record and how many different sports need video footage. A very common question that teams ask us is whether a plan is required when they buy a Veo camera. The answer is yes, which is why you need to know a few details before you can determine how a Veo camera costs.

You start with the base camera price of $899, add in a tripod if you need one, and then figure up the cost of the camera plan. You can pay monthly, every 6 months, annually, or every 2 years – the longer the plan, the lower the cost per month. We typically do a one year or two year plan due to the lower monthly rate since we know we’re going to be using it for that long.

After going through these Veo camera price questions enough times we decided to put them together on this page. Now you don’t have to call us up to ask about Veo camera plans, you can answer the questions below to see which plan might be best for your team. Once you know which plan you want then you can pick a tripod (12 or 23 ft) and determine what the total cost of the soccer camera system will be.

Now that the Veo 2 camera has launched you also have the option of adding Veo Analytics to your camera plan. We use it on our cameras because it creates clips for shots on goal/free kicks/corner kicks/goal kicks and just saves us time creating highlights. Veo Analytics is an extra $10 a month on your plan if you add it. Some teams also opt to use their Veo 2 for livestreaming. It’s an optional feature but there is an extra monthly livestreaming cost for your plan if your team needs to broadcast your game for fans that can’t make it in person.

Which Veo Camera Plan is Right For You?

We get a lot of questions about the Veo camera plans. Answer these questions below and we'll email you our recommend plan for your team.