Explore Veo Camera Livestream and Upload Hotspot Solutions

Greetings from Ben at Easy Sports Video! Today, I'm excited to share some fantastic options for live streaming and uploading content with your video camera, especially when you're on the move. Among the reliable choices we frequently use are the MiFi and Solis Lite. However, I'm thrilled to introduce some new additions to our lineup, including the Solis 5G, equipped with a power bank. Additionally, we're experimenting with a home internet service that conveniently connects to a power bank and delivers impressive performance. The standout feature [...]

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Introducing the Latest Trace Soccer Camera: PlayerFocus Tracking

Hello there, sports enthusiasts! It's Ben from Easy Sports Video, and I'm thrilled to share the exciting features of the new Trace soccer camera with PlayerFocus tracking. If you've been following our soccer camera journey, you might remember our old Trace camera, which required tracers for player tracking. Well, the game has evolved, and so has Trace! I recently received the latest Trace camera in the mail just before heading out to a soccer tournament in St Louis. This new version eliminates the need for tracers, [...]

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Introducing the Soloshot Camera for Soccer Recording – A Comprehensive First Look

Greetings, sports enthusiasts! This is Ben from Easy Sports Video, and today we're diving into the latest addition to our equipment – the Soloshot camera. Freshly delivered and ready to roll, let's take a closer look. Upon unpacking, the Soloshot camera stands tall on its tripod, sporting extended legs and an adjustable height feature. With three legs firmly planted, you have the flexibility to set it at different heights, providing optimal coverage for recording soccer games. The tripod's extendable design allows you to elevate the camera [...]

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Record Soccer Games with Used Cameras

Cameras for recording soccer games are making it easier to setup your camera on the sideline and sit back and enjoy the game. AI sports cameras that follow the ball for you can track your players for soccer, hockey, rugby, basketball, volleyball, handball, and lacrosse - making our lives as sports parents easier. Unfortunately saving money on a soccer camera isn't easy when you buy the latest version so you can livestream soccer, store more games on the hard drive, record higher resolution video, etc.  The good [...]

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Veo 2 Camera Tutorial – Soccer Camera Setup

This Veo 2 camera tutorial is for the soccer dads, moms, managers, and coaches who are using your Veo 2 camera for the first time. We know how it feels, you walk to the sideline to setup your soccer camera in front of all the fans. Hopefully this veo camera review of features will prepare you for the first game. Just as our players practice to get ready for the match, this soccer camera tutorial is your chance to prepare to record soccer games. For example, [...]

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Recording Soccer Games on a Budget Contest

As we've been looking at the best soccer cameras we haven’t spent much time on cost comparison yet but overall if you’re going to use a soccer recording system it isn’t cheap. One of the common questions we get “is the Veo camera worth the money”? This has a lot to do with your team(s) and how you're using the camera and the footage you record. You’ll hear comments on the sideline about how it’s crazy to spend that much on youth sports and then the [...]

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Veo Camera Review – Easy Soccer Video

The best video camera for soccer might be one that records soccer games for you, letting you watch the match rather than spending your time filming it. The Veo camera is a soccer tracking camera that uses artificial intelligence to pan and zoom smoothly to follow the ball around the field for you. It's been a great soccer camera system for us because it's fast and easy to setup and use - not just for filming soccer games but also practices as well. Veo Camera Review [...]

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Is the Veo Camera Worth the Money?

When we saw the Veo camera at the United Soccer Coaches convention I knew that it would be great for our team and our club. The question I needed to answer at that point, was it worth the money? Veo Camera Cost There are 3 costs involved in using the Veo camera: Camera Cost Tripod Annual Subscription Fee The price varies depending on which tripod you choose and which subscription plan you pick. The cost of the camera is the same for everyone unless you apply [...]

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