How to Sell Your Veo Camera

If you have a Veo camera for sale this will walk you through the steps we’ve used to help a used Veo camera find a good home! For a while buying a used Veo camera was hard because teams and clubs were still using their Veo Camera 1 and it was tough to get your hands on a new one. Now that Veo is starting to roll out newer versions of the soccer camera there’s more interest in parents or teams wanting to sell their camera [...]

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Veo Camera Cost Guide – Ways to Afford a Smart Camera

The Veo camera is really easy to use but finding a way to pay for the soccer video camera isn't always easy. Why pay the Veo camera price when you can buy a video camera and tripod for less? In our experience the ease of use for recording and sharing game videos plus the ability to use the footage for individual player feedback and highlights makes the Veo camera cost worth the money. If you research the camera and decide the same you still have to [...]

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