The Dribble Up Juggle Challenge is a fun way to pass time in between games while you’re spending your Saturday or Sunday at the soccer field.  With 3 kids on multiple teams in our family they spend a lot of time at their brother’s or sister’s soccer games.  At half time they like to run out onto the field and shoot but during the game or during warmups the juggle challenge is a fun way to see who has the best juggling skills.

A lot of times the siblings of the players are causing trouble and looking for something to keep them busy and the juggle challenge is perfect for keeping them occupied.  It’s amazing how a little competition can keep kids entertained.

Of course, the downside is that you won’t have your phone if they’re using it so it’s a good idea to bring along a tablet they can use it on. Also nice to have an external battery charger, here’s a list of Dribble Up extras you might want to bring along to the game.

Here’s a video of using the Dribble Up at Scheels Soccer complex on the sideline. It was definitely coat weather so a little juggling at half time helped to warm me up!

This wasn’t the best juggling effort ever, looks like I need to spend more time juggling on the sideline to up my score! Here’s another one from last Fall. Back then the app didn’t keep track of your juggles on the screen or show you the timer, the Dribble Up team have done a good job listening to our feedback and continuing to make the app better.

As you can see the weather was a little nicer so didn’t require a jacket.  A little easier to move and juggle when your toes aren’t frozen and you’re not wearing a bulky jacket. One thing I’d suggest is to set the duration of the juggle challenge a little longer. The top one was only set at 30 seconds which doesn’t give you as much time to settle into a rhythm once you get going.  I’d go with a minute minimum. Right now the longest duration you can set for the juggle challenge is 5 minutes.

If you’re going to do a “Juggle Off” just make sure that each person who does it uses the same duration so they each get a chance to get the most juggles in the same amount of time.

Also, if a player who’s not juggling interferes with the juggler or gets in the way when the ball rolls away you can set a rule that it adds an automatic extra number of juggles to the person they mess with to keep them from “helping out”.

Happy Juggling!