The quiet of an early Saturday morning.

Before shinguards are strapped & water bottles are filled.

You clasp your coffee and give them just a few more minutes of sleep before kicking off a day of fun and excitement on the pitch.

Who knows what the day will hold?

Are they ready for rain? Maybe snow showers? What about blazing heat?

As you know the elements are just the beginning, the easiest thing to prepare for.

Only you and I understand the journey involved in to preparing them for a weekend playing the best sport on the globe.

It’s a great journey but requires a lot from you. The more you invest the more rewarding and fulfilling the experience is for them, and you, and their teammates.

But who’s to say what that preparation and journey should look like? What is the right thing for your family?

The only way to really know is hindsight, is there a smile on their face at the end of the weekend?

We don’t have the answers but we have ideas, suggestions, and stories to share.

Join us!