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Dribble Up Soccer Discounts

We offer Dribble Up soccer ball discounts to a variety of organizations around the country. If you’d like to try out the smart soccer ball and you belong to one of these groups you can click on the Dribble Up coupon link at the end of each section.

Armed Forces Discount
Growing up an Army brat and getting to live in Germany and be a part of the Fußball culture was an experience like no other. Living in Augsburg we could hop a train to Olympiastadion and watch Bayern Munich play – that was way before Allianz Arena.

Stationed in Bavaria we were able to play with the youth teams for both TSV-Kriegshaber and later ASV Rimpar. Even without a shared language, soccer brought together players from different countries and backgrounds.

We traveled around Europe with our Department of Defense high school soccer team to play teams from Bonn, Bremerhaven, Berlin, Bamberg, Brussels, and many other cities in Western Europe. Visiting other countries and cultures helped us realize that we’re more alike than we are different.

Thanks to Uncle Sam for the opportunity be an ambassador for the U.S. and to the women and men whose families make sacrifices that many will never understand but we all benefit from. Any member of the Armed Forces can use this discount. Size 4 Ball – Size 5 Ball

United Soccer Coaches Discount
We’re fortunate that United Soccer Coaches is headquartered in the Midwest and that we’ve been able to meet and work with the fantastic home office staff. The training and support they offer soccer coaches and the U.S. soccer community has really helped grow the game in our country. One of the biggest hurdles for youth soccer in the U.S. is a lack of properly trained coaches and United Soccer Coaches has been helping to close that gap for decades.

Locally, the Coaches & Coffee events have helped educate and connect coaches around the metro. All United Soccer Coaches members are eligible for this discount. Size 4 Ball – Size 5 Ball

ECNL Discount
The women’s program at University of Missouri Kansas City truly is a “soccer family” for the ladies that play there. Several players from UMKC have come up through ECNL, it helped prepare them to play at a really high level.

As a parents of young soccer players we love that leagues like ECNL give our daughters not only the chance to someday develop at a high level but also a whole group of strong, determined, hard-working, and passionate role models for them to look up to. Any soccer family who plays in the ECNL can take advantage of this discount. Size 4 Ball – Size 5 Ball

Development Academy Discount
We’ve seen first hand the training and preparation that programs in the Development Academy offer to young talented soccer players. We’ve been a part of the soccer journey for several players that now play in the Development Academy through the Sporting Kansas City Academy program.

The development and support they provide and their emphasis on developing the whole player is really fantastic. Any family whose team is a part of the Development Academy can use this discount when they buy a Dribble Up soccer ball. Size 4 Ball – Size 5 Ball

ODP Discount
The Olympic Development Program for soccer varies from state to state but our experience with ODP has been a good one. Not only does it give players a chance to play with a different mix of kids and learn from different coaches it also gives them another soccer goal to work towards.

When a kid is part of a team and club they establish a certain “soccer identity” about who they are, where they fit, and what they’re capable of. ODP gives them a chance to “rediscover” themselves as a player with a group of kids and coaches who don’t have preconceived ideas about who they are on the pitch.

The program we’ve been involved with does a good job of keeping kids working on developing themselves outside of team practices and gives them another set of soccer goals to achieve. If your family is part of an ODP program in any state in the U.S. you can use this discount. Size 4 Ball – Size 5 Ball

Heartland Soccer Discount
The Heartland Soccer league does a good job of offering players in the Midwest a place to develop based on their level of play. With both rec and competitive leagues and quality facilities that can handle a high volume of games they give a wide range of youth soccer players a good opportunity to match up against kids who are at a similar place in their development.

In addition to league play they also put on a lot of tournaments so teams around the Midwest who can’t make regular trips to Kansas City can travel once or twice a season to compete against similar level teams from around the area. The relatively recent addition of a winter futsal league has given our players a chance to stay involved in soccer for a good part of the year. Any team that plays in the Heartland Soccer league is eligible for this discount. Size 4 Ball – Size 5 Ball

Sporting Club Network Discount
Sporting Kansas City established the Sporting Club Network (SCN) to help the professional soccer program connect with youth soccer programs locally and around the Midwest. Our kids have loved participating in the on field clinics and chalk talks where they get to meet players, train with players, ask players questions, and come watch the Rangers and SKC train.

As coaches, we’ve taken advantage of the coaching education sessions they hold and have learned a lot from the Sporting Kansas City staff. The commitment of Sporting Kansas City as an organization to being involved in youth soccer and helping grow players from the early ages has been very impressive. Any club that’s a member of the Sporting Club Network can use this discount – Size 4 Ball – Size 5 Ball

Soccer Parenting Association Discount

Founded by soccer coach and parent, Skye Eddy Bruce, the Soccer Parenting Association offers several different resources to parents whose kids play soccer. They feature articles and interviews from a variety of experts from across youth soccer on their website.

In addition they put together a great team of experts for the Soccer Parenting Summit which covers pretty much any question a soccer parent could have, whether they’re brand new or the parent of a graduating senior. In their Soccer Parent Resource Center you can also ask specific questions of youth soccer experts about your situation.

In addition to serving parents directly the Soccer Parenting Association also works with soccer clubs to advocate coaching education, reduce instances of unfit coaches and coach bullying, and help clubs develop programming, parent education/engagement, and overall policies. Although Skye is a former college soccer player and has also coached at all levels of youth sports from from U-5 recreation to the U.S. National Team programs she now focuses mainly on helping parents and clubs learn how to create teams and clubs where young soccer players can thrive. All members of the Soccer Parenting Association are eligble for this discount –  Size 4 Ball – Size 5 Ball

Youth Soccer Programs

Although Soccer Stripes is based in the Midwest many of our earliest families were from California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Ohio. To say thanks we’ve created a discount for teams that play as part of the following youth soccer organizations:

  • NorCal Premier
  • CalNorth
  • South Texas Youth Soccer Association
  • Florida Youth Soccer Association
  • Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association
  • New York State West Youth Soccer Association
  • Northern New York Youth Soccer
  • Ohio South Youth Soccer
  • Ohio Youth Soccer Association North

Size 4 Ball – Size 5 Ball

Club Discounts

We also offer discounts to soccer clubs. You can check to see if your club is one of them or get information on soccer club discounts on our Dribble Up coupon for clubs page. Being part of a team is a big part of the experience of playing soccer. Being part of one of these organizations can really help a team connect with other like-minded coaches, players, and families to improve the game of soccer and the development of young players across the country. If there’s an organization we’ve missed that you’d like to see added here please let us know.

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Dribble Up Coupon for Your Club Map

Find Dribble Up coupon codes for soccer clubs or organizations that have players who use the smart ball for training. Some clubs use the ball for the whole team and others have players who train with it on their own to get ahead. You can check here for your club promo code - Size 4 | Size 5 .

You can enter your club’s name below to see if a dribble up coupon code exists for your club. You can also include your team name or coach to see if your team has a dribble up team account, that’s optional – not necessary.

So, for example, you could mention just your club “Southern Soccer Academy”. Or you could say “Southern Soccer Academy – U12 boys”.

Be sure to also include your email address in the field below it so we can send you your discount code.

Who Uses Dribble Up?

After most orders we have a conversation with the family to learn more about the player(s) who will be using the smart ball and the soccer club or organization(s) that they play for.

We’ve noticed several things that the players have in common.

1) Multiple Soccer Teams
Many of the youth players are playing on multiple teams. Whether it’s their high school team, club team, rec team, ODP team – many kids play for more than one team. Overall these players really love the game and just want to get in as many chances to play as possible.

Some players on the very top level teams that participate in the Development Academy ( DA ) or Elite Clubs National League ( ECNL ) only play for that one club but are very committed to their club’s intense training schedule.

2) Enjoy Skills Training
Another common thread is that these players can spend hours training away from team practice. It’s not just time specifically spent on foot skills, one dad said his daughter has a size 1 ball that’s always at her feet. As she’s brushing her teeth in the morning or evening she’s juggling or passing off the wall.

Another mom said her son just “plays soccer nonstop”. Of course it makes sense that these kids would enjoy the Dribble Up ball, they’re passionate about the game/training and the smart ball gives them another way to do that.

3) Ball Envy
Most families who come looking for a smart soccer ball have either used one or been told about one. Some folks start off looking for the Adidas miCoach smart ball and end up getting a Dribble Up because of the price difference but most of them either tried out or had DribbleUp specifically recommended to them by other players or by coaches.

For example, one dad said that a local college uses the the ball to help develop their players individually and someone on the coaching staff recommended it for his daughter.

We lent one of ours out to a friend and haven’t gotten it back yet. We’re hoping once they get their own smart ball it’ll show up again, it’s definitely addicting!

4) Supportive & Curious Parents
Often times parents who buy a smart ball are in some role of leadership within a soccer club. Whether it’s as a team manager, a coach, registrar, director of coaching, or technical director many times they’ll also have a kid in the club and they’re testing out the smart ball.

This is encouraging for those clubs because it shows that folks who have a role in the future of the club are interested in trying out new methods to help their players develop.

Dribble Up Clubs

Below is a map of all the soccer clubs or organizations who have players that are using the smart soccer ball. If your club isn’t represented and should be let us know. You can click on the soccer player icon to see more info about each club. One thing you’ll notice is that many of the clubs are in the Midwest where we’re located. There are teams on both the East Coast and West Coast but the Midwest is definitely ahead in the number of Dribble Up players.

Why are we interested in what players are using the ball and which clubs they play for? As we mentioned earlier it’s encouraging when club leaders are looking for new approaches to help develop their players.

However, we don’t think it’s solely the job of the club and coach to develop soccer players. Just like teachers in school hope and expect that parents will be involved in encouraging their kids to read and learn at home – coaches appreciate and expect when their players put in the work to get better outside of team training.

Setting an Example

Just the other night at the end of training we shared with our U12 players that we could tell which kids are doing work outside of practice. Those players are not only making themselves better technically but also making the team better because their better touch and comfort with the ball gives them more time to make tactical decisions. It also accelerates the learning process at training because they’re able to more easily pick up and execute the new skills we’re teaching.

We don’t think players need to rely only on their coach and club to help them improve.  Clubs that have kids that are motivated to get better on their own help make those clubs better and to contribute towards creating a culture of hard work and development. That’s why we’re interested in which clubs have players using training tools like Dribble Up.

Here’s a list of clubs by region

  • Mid-West
    • SC Waukesha
    • Sun Prairie Soccer
    • Nationals Tri-County
    • Sporting Lees Summit
    • Minneapolis United
    • Sporting Springfield
    • Lakeview High School
    • St. Charles Youth Soccer
    • Michigan WolveHawks
    • Michigan Jags
    • CUSA Crew
    • Midland Soccer Club
    • Vardar Soccer Club
    • KC Scott Ghallager
    • South Suburban Soccer Assn
    • Piper Soccer Club
    • Prior Lake Soccer Club
  • South
    • South Carolina United FC
    • Brevard SA
    • Cape Coral Soccer Association
    • United Futbol Academy
    • Houston Dynamo Academy
    • Southern Soccer Academy
    • James Island Youth Soccer
  • East
    • Howell Soccer Club
    • East Hampton Soccer Club
    • Western New York Flash Academy
    • Global Premier Soccer Rhode Island
    • Cedar Stars Academy
    • Torpedoes Soccer Club
  • West
    • Spokane Scotties
    • Maple Valley Premier League
    • Valley Center Hurricanes
    • LA Galaxy South Bay
    • Heat FC
    • Inland Empire Surf Soccer Club

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